Work From Home Learn How From A Crown Jewel With a Free Guide

Do you want to work from home, but
don’t know how to get started? Are you afraid of getting scammed by
all the hype on the internet? I was too.

If you want to work from home and learn
affiliate marketing, I’m sure you have been doing a lot of research
on the internet to find out all you possible can about affiliate
marketing. In the process, you have most likely come across hundreds
of people offering you (for a price) their failure proof method that
will make you thousands of dollars every month or even every
week! You’re leery of these promises and you should be!

Don’t get me wrong, it CAN happen. I do
believe some of the stories of lots of money being made almost
overnight on the internet. A few of them. But, I’m sure that you’re
asking yourself which ones are true and which ones are scams just to
get your money? How can you tell?

Like anything else in the world of
business, you have to educate yourself before you can determine of
someone is trying to scam you. Or even just trying to sell you
something that you’re not ready for yet! If you don’t have any
background in affiliate marketing, then how can you possibly know
what is a real offer/method and what isn’t? You can you just

That is the number one, MAJOR thing you
need to know to avoid the scams and hype. If you’re not sure DO

Learn about affiliate marketing before
you make that leap and purchase an expensive method that promises
thousands of dollars a month, just by copying their work or following
a few simple and easy steps. Chances are that you will fail or, at
best, not make as much money as they promise. I’ve fallen for a few
of those myself.

So what CAN you do? How do you learn
affiliate marketing without spending an arm and a leg?

Well, there are several very good
online schools on the internet that will teach you the basics
for anywhere from $50-$100 a month if you want to go that route.

Or you could learn from Pot Pie
Girl and her One Week Marketing. After about 6 weeks into my own
venture into affiliate marketing that’s what I did. It’s is NOT
expensive and right now it’s even less. Pot Pie Girl (or Jennifer if
you prefer), has written a 50 page GUIDE TO SQUIDOO that she is
giving away absolutely FREE! It’s her way of telling you that she is
the real thing. She’s not out to drain your wallet. She has an honest
desire to teach other’s the methods that she has used to build a VERY
solid affiliate marketing income.

The FREE Squidoo guide takes you
step-by-step through the entire process of building a Squidoo lens. A
lens is a FREE web page that you can use for affiliate marketing.
It’s really easy to do and with absolutely no cost to you! Squidoo is

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