Why People Search Engines?

People Search Engines gives people a unique way to find old friends, lost relatives and others. Acme-People-Search is a system that creates up to eight income streams and is Free to use.

Why People Search Engines?  Thirty percent of searches done on the
Internet are people looking for people. That is an amazing number of
searches. It therefore follows, that niche people search engines would
be developed.  People search engines are designed to comb public
databases for information. There are millions of people in these

Tissa Godivatarne’s, Acme-People-Search program gives
the affiliate a free search engine to work with. This is great way to
learn Internet marketing. The affiliate only has to pay for the hosting
at a minimum. Driving traffic to your affiliate site is the key to
earnings. There are many free ways to drive traffic to a web site,
blogging, social sites, article writing and  link exchanges for
example.  Many affiliates are earning money with just the free
The people search engine earns money for the
affiliate in many ways.  This starts with the hosting company. If the
affiliate chooses GDI, Global Domains International, which has a great
referral program, pays the affiliate one dollar for everyone in their
down line. Your down line consists of people you have referred to GDI.
With your referral income, the cost of your GDI monthly hosting can be
covered with just ten referrals. GDI is a great way to build residual
income. GDI pays five levels deep. That can add up to about $9,000 per
month. Other hosting options, such as Host Gator, are available.
However, the other hosting companies that are available pay large
referrals, but do not pay residuals.

Money is also made with the
people search engine by referring searchers to other search programs
for more in depth information.  However, In the case of MyLife, there
is no additional cost to the searcher. They only have to register with
MyLife to get their free search results. MyLife pays their affiliate
$1.10 per referral. If the referral joins MyLife, there is a commission
paid.  As you can see, you can make money with your search engine by
only referring people to MyLife. Additional services are offered for a
fee. Background checks from NetDetective earn additional revenue.
Reverse phone look up and email look up, for example,  compensate the
affiliate through ClickBank. Tissa also pays referrals fees to
affiliates who refer others.

How does Tissa make his money? Tissa makes money as a second level affiliate.

is a system that brings several affiliate programs into a package that
generates up to eight income streams. It is a great program that will
challenge you to exercise your Internet marketing skills. All you have
to do is get your free search engine, establish your hosting and start

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