Why Aren't You Making a Ton of Cash as an Affiliate?

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5 keys to you becoming a successful affiliate:


Before you become an affiliate for someone, you want to know
one major thing. You want to be very sure they’ve taken the
time to test their whole sales process!

Have they invested some of their own time and money into
fine-tuning and improving their sales letter until it really
converts visitors into buyers? Is their ordering process
simple for your prospects to navigate?

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of your time
and money to generate traffic to a sales letter that can’t
sell its way out of a paper bag, right?

One way to figure this out is to use a little common sense.
How does the sales letter affect you? Is it professional?
Does it suck you in? Do you find you can’t stop reading it
because you just need to know how this product can help
solve the problem it’s saying it can?

Does it make you want to buy? The last thing you want to do
to the lifeblood of your business (your prospects) is sell
them “junky” stuff.

2) $25 MINIMUM

You should pick a product that pays you at least $25 for
each sale. Unless you become an affiliate for more than one
product (we’ll touch on this point a little later), stick to
the $25 as a minimum price point so you can take your
advertising costs out and still make a profit.


It must be free to join an affiliate program. If they are
charging you to join, or require you to buy their product
first, it’s not an affiliate marketing program.


A great place to start is Clickbank. They have one of the
largest affiliate marketing programs you can find. Just go
to http://www.clickbank.com and get a clickbank ID.

At Clickbank’s home page, go to “Earn Commissions” and
search for products that fit you and your site. They are
even ranked in order of popularity. That’s another sign of
whether it’s a program worth your time.

Another place you can go is
http://www.lifetimecommissions.com .

Amazon has a good affiliate marketing program. Go to
http://www.amazon.com and click on “Join Associates” near
the bottom of the page. You won’t get as much of a
commission for each sale as you will from Clickbank or
Lifetime Commissions but it does accumulate over time.


The real key to being successful with affiliate marketing is
to develop a good content based website and weave your
affiliate links into all your content. You want to
“pre-sell” your prospects rather than “sell” them.

Leave the job of “selling” to the sales letter page you are
transferring them to. Your job is to provide your prospects
with good, quality content regarding whatever they are
interested in. Inside this information, when it’s relevant,
just “recommend” that they click to an offer you honestly
believe will be of immense help to them.

Wouldn’t you rather have a friend recommend you something of
value and allow you the time to consider whether it’s right
for you rather than be “sold”? Everyone who visits your site
feels the same so remember this.

We mentioned earlier that we’d discuss becoming an affiliate
for more than one product and how it affects the minimum
commission you’re willing to accept. If you put together a
content site as we’re recommending, the $25 minimum isn’t as

Of course, you’d like the maximum, fair commission possible,
but if you have 15 or so programs you’re recommending, you
can offer quality products for less. If one of your products
brings you $10-$15 in commission and you have some others
paying you $25, $75 or more, you can see you’re averaging a
good return over-all.

Why aren’t you making a ton of cash as an affiliate? Follow
these 5 points and we see big profits in your future!

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