Wealthy Affiliate and NicheQ Revolutionizing Your Niche Research

Wealthy Affiliate is pleased to announce the launch on January 13, 2009 of it’s newest “member product” – NicheQ. It is available only to members of Wealthy Affiliate and is awaited with much anticipation within the Community.

Affiliate is pleased to announce the pending launch on January
13, 2009 of their newest “member product” – NicheQ. NicheQ
will revolutionize the manner in which you perform your niche
marketing research and save you hours of time! What is NicheQ? Simply
put it’s a niche research system that will increase your
understanding and earning potential within the most lucrative niches
on the Internet!
Research is the single most important part of
earning money online as an affiliate marketer. You need to know who
your audiences are before you even think about connecting with them.
Before you write an article, create any ads, or websites, you need to
determine exactly who your audience is, what they are looking for,
and WHY.

Marketing is not for everyone. If you’re looking for a quick fix to
financial woes or an easy way to get rich overnight you will rarely,
if ever, find it in the affiliate marketing field. It takes work!
Hours of studying and research to learn all of the ins and outs of
this fascinating line of work.  However, if you are
determined to do this, and are willing to put in the time necessary
to learn and become proficient in all the varied areas of internet
marketing, then you really can make a VERY good living. Certainly
enough to allow you to quit that hated day job and to even take the
vacations of your dreams – all the while knowing that while you’re
basking in the sun – you’re still working and earning

Wealthy Affiliate is often called a University. And a
University it is! There are lessons and tutorials to help you learn
everything you need to know in order to become a successful internet
marketer. Tools such as Site Rubix, with drag and drop web page
creation, FREE hosting of your domain, Rapid Writer to help you write
articles to promote your products and most important a forum where
all members go to ask – AND ANSWER – questions posed by other
members. To me the forum is probably the most important aspect of
Wealthy Affiliate because as a “newbie”, you have lots of
questions and getting an answer from someone who has “been
there, done that” is all the more helpful. Of course with the
added addition of NicheQ in
just three weeks, Wealthy Affiliate will be an even better and more
powerful tool.

Members will be able to cut their research time
by over half, which will allow even more time for more research and
adding even more income streams to your portfolio. Imagine what the
increase in productivity will do for your profits. They should

If you are thinking about getting into affiliate
marketing I strongly urge you to join Wealthy Affiliate now. This
will give you plenty of time to become familiar with the University
and all that it has to offer before NicheQ is launched. You’ll be
able to complete the first few weeks of the 8 Week Action Plan,
which is essential to your education and future earning potential.
You’ll get to know some of our success stories and meet many of them
in the forum. Perhaps you’ll even have your own web site up and
running – wouldn’t that be great?

Kyle and Carson, the owners
of Wealthy Affiliate and NicheQ are very active in the forum and
always available for discussion. They encourage members to contact
them with any questions and problems you might have and are always
willing to lend an ear or a helping hand.

To give you an idea
of the kind of tutorials and lessons available at Wealthy Affiliate,
just visit the NicheQ informational page and download the FREE
report. I think you will find it very helpful and it may just turn
out to be the one thing that helps you make a very important decision.
I hope to see you in the forum and we’ll leave a light on for you.

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