Vinitti Cash Flow System

Hello Everyone,

I am involved with this program and I will tell you a lot of
what they don’t.

Right now I have made a total of $477.00

You need $600 before you can request a check. I only
promoted it once back in december but still have daily visits.

They $3,000 if you don’t make x amount is true HOWEVER once
you pay for the system they tell you in order to qualify for the guarantee you have
to have sent like 500,000 visitors to your site per month!

It has a lot of educational material included and you are
simply reselling the program as an affiliate. Also if you opt-in to the form on
the site but don’t purchase, within a week you will have an offer to purchase
for $99.

So, is it legit? Yes

Is it a scam? No, because you are selling a product. It’s a
great system IF you are a good affiliate marketer.

Is it something for the average joe to get rich off of. No,
not without a lot of education first though on what to do.

~Avimael Leon

P.S. If you’re tired of this kind of stuff that doesn’t work
for everyone my primary business is soon to launch to the public.

It’s different from EVERYTHING it took quite a while to

BUT, it works and is primed to be bigger than walmart and
google combined! It also is a spectacular way to avoid this recession and to
keep you money from losing value.


Biz-Opp Description

Vinitti Cashflow System is an online money-making Program
created by Internet Marketer Jacob Clement. The program is purported to contain
trade secrets and clear methods for making a large amount of money in a very
short time. Clement states that the system is an automated internet marketing
program that anyone can learn, even those who are new to making money online.

Detailed Overview

The founder of the Vinitti Cashflow System, Jacob Clement,
points out emphatically what this program is not. It is not a Multi-level
marketing program, it is not a cash gifting program and it is not taking
surveys for money. When it comes to saying what the program is, however, the
explanation is rather vague. Clement does address this vagueness by saying that
the program contains trade secrets that only paid members can have access to,
and that revealing those secrets through a full explanation of the program on
their website would compromise member profits.

Clement does say that all you have to know how to do in
order to make money with Vinitti Cashflow System is copy and paste. He even
says that if you don’t know how to do that, he will show you. The amount of
money he says you can earn is substantial; an average of $7852 per month. He
also promises that if you aren’t making that much within 3 months, he will
write you a check for $3000.

The Vinitti Cash Flow Sytem costs $299, which allows you to
become a member of their program and get access to all the secrets that Clement
claims will help you to make a substantial full-time income working only
part-time hours. Membership also gets you a sofware program that will help you
with the system, and some tutorial e-books. Clement furnishes his amail address
and phone number for anyone who has questions.Vinitti Cash!

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