To PLR or Not? That is the question…

Are you using PLR Material to promote your website?  or in your Autoresponder?  What about your Blog?  And more importatnly what about turning PLR eBooks into serious cash?

If you are not then I have one simple question for you…”Why Not?”

Discover the What, Why & How of PLR Material

To PLR or not? That is the question…

Ah yes, PLR, those 3 little letters that are only known to the Internet Marketing underground.  Seriously, approach anyone on the street, talk to your friends or a family member and ask them what PLR is? 

I would bet that 99.9% of the time you’ll get a blank stare.  Even if you told them that PLR stands for Private Label Rights most of them would probably still not fully understand what PLR products are and what you can do with them.

For that matter, there are those that have been in the Affiliate/Internet Marketing business for years that don’t fully understand what PLR Material is, what it can do for them and how to make money using PLR Material.

OK, so what exactly is PLR Material then and should YOU be using PLR?

For starters, Private Label Rights are rights that come with a product such as an eBook, software or article whereby the person who buys the product then has full rights to use this product in any way that he or she desires, including placing their name on the product as the author and selling it.

Now, before you run out and start grabbing all the PLR material you can find, understand that this is a simplified explanation and not all PLR is the same.  All PLR Material comes with a license file that will detail exactly what you can and cannot do. For example, some PLR licenses will not allow you to give the material away as a gift or sell the material on auction sites. Some licenses will dictate that you must sell the material for a certain amount or above…so as not to devalue the product. So make sure you understand that there may be restrictions that come with the PLR package that you buy or download.


Are you an Affiliate or Internet Marketer? Do you have a web site? Do you send out a regular Newsletter or emails to customers? Do you have an E-Zine? Do you have a Blog? Are you looking to generate cash but are not sure how to?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions (which is pretty much everyone doing business on the Internet) then there are a ton of advantages to PLR Material with the primary advantage being that it saves you time….with makeing money a close second.

Allow me to explain.

If you are new to the world of Internet marketing you have probably heard that you really need your own product. Likewise if you have been an Affiliate or Internet Marketer for some time you not only understand this concept but you also understand that the product creation process is very time consuming. There are several months of research to begin with, then testing and finally you have to package the product….generally from scratch. There is no doubt that there is a lot of time and effort into this process and it can take several months to a year to get a product ready to sell.

That was the bad news…now for the good news! With PLR material, 90% or more of the work is already done! Someone has already completed the research and most of the packaging is in place.   That alone can save you a week or more of work.  You can now take this product, re-work and re-package it with new graphics and a new title and presto…you have your own product which took you a few days or weeks to complete! How sweet is that!

But again, before you run out to start downloading PLR Material you should also know there is a problem…yes, there is downside with PLR Material.   The downside is that not all PLR is created the same in quality and ultimately in usability. This obviously adds a wrinkle to the mix which makes buying or finding PLR Material a tricky proposition. More on that below.

Another problem as I eluded to above is that you can’t use the PLR as is. You must do some rewriting of the material, come up with a new title and change the graphics. You must “Make it your own”.   This is one of the main reasons that many people shy away from PLR Material. They feel that they can’t write or be creative enough. I understand as I was in the same position. However, just as I did, I promise you will soon get the hang of it and will be able to transpose several pieces of PLR material a week which in turn can make you a very nice monthly income. 

If you are still very much against rewriting PLR Material you can hire a ghostwriter for anywhere between $10 and a couple of hundred dollars depending in the size of the job. Since PLR Material is fairly inexpensive – from Free to around $50 – even if you hire a ghostwriter for $50 you are looking at developing your own package at a cost of generally well under $100. There are people today making well over $100/day on one piece of PLR Material so I would say this is a pretty good investment!

How to use PLR 

So we’ve pretty much established that PLR is a pretty good thing to use…if you use it correctly that is. So the next big question that most people have is, “what do I use PLR for?

Well, actually there are thousands of uses for PLR but for obvious reasons I’m only going to touch briefly on few;

1.       Arguable one the simplest use is for articles. Article content is basically what makes the Internet go round. Just about any site you go to, you’re going to find some kind of written content, unless of course if it’s a video site like YouTube.

2.       Product Creation. Products such as eBook and info products, take an extremely long time to create. Research alone can take weeks if not months, depending on the topic itself. The bottom line here is, why completely re-create the wheel? The wheel has already been designed…all your looking to do is refine the wheel and make it a little better.

3.       Use with your Autoresponder series. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “The Money is in the list…” (really, who hasn’t heard that a million times….but I digress)…building a list is a must if you’re an Affiliate or Internet Marketer. By having PLR material for your autoresponder, it saves you the trouble of having to write up things yourself. Grab several dozen articles make some minor changes and load them up. You now have several weeks or months worth of articles all prepped and ready to send out.

4.       Use your newly developed PLR Material as a free report. Freebies are actually great incentives for getting people into your list. A good quality report can be the perfect lead in for your subscriber to purchase your front end product and maybe even some of your backend products…all of which can be PLR material if you like.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface but hopefully you get the idea. Really the sky is the limit with what you can do with PLR Material and don’t be afraid to think out of the box.  I have found that creativity is often times rewarded very well and sometime creativity is rewarded higher than content!

So Where do I find Quality PLR Material?

Up to this point we have discussed what PLR Material is, what it can do for you and pointed out a few uses. Now the big question is “Where” do I find high-quality PLR Material at a fair price?

You can certainly find several sites on the Internet that offers PLR Material however, one of the best sites I have found that I would like you to check out is I think you will be very impressed with the material and best of all it is FREE to join!

p.s. To PLR or Not? The answer is Yes, you should be using PLR!!

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