Three Tips To Market Successfully Online

When I started  my online marketing career several years ago, I remember  the countless hours I spent working at it. I was not successful until I figured out some guidelines that needed to be followed.

When I started  my online marketing career several years ago, I remember  the countless hours I spent working at it. I listened to all the talk from others about being able to generate tons of online leads for their internet marketing business almost effortlessly. I figured if they can do it, why shouldn’t I be able to as well. After three months of trying, I had a grand total of 15 leads for my efforts. I could not understand if it was so easy why am I doing so poorly. I was despondent and confused, but eventually I saw the light. Let me tell you about it.

1)      You should be copying other marketers.  I don’t mean anything that can get you into trouble. I am talking about mimicking what they do, putting your own thoughts into the equation, and learning from what they are doing.

Here is an example. My plan was to use ezine ads to reach my targeted audience for my opportunity. The problem was at that time I was not very good at writing. As you can see, I may not be the next coming of William Shakespeare, but I can now get the point across.

What I did was look online and found a collection of online solo ads that I found out from reliable sources were using successfully in mlm. I knew if they worked for them, they would work for me,

I read 15 of them, put in writing what I liked about them, and then wrote some of my own ideas for ads based on those ads. I was able to take from others and direct the ads toward my targeted audience, and effectively promote my opportunity.

2)      If you are confused, discuss it with your mentor if you have one. If you don’t have one, you should! Building relationships is what network marketing is all about, and those relationships should not just be coming from below you, but from above you as well. Your upline connections should be playing a major role in all your marketing decision-making. Most successful business people have been successful because they have other successful people to guide them. If you want to know if you are doing the right thing, go to someone who has been there, done that. They will let you know in no uncertain terms whether you are doing the right thing or not!

3)      What if you are not doing anything wrong. What is you are following the correctly laid out plan and you are not succeeding? Your ad copy is good, your marketing is good, and so is everything else, but still the results are not what were expected.  Answer is you need to step things up and do what you’ve been doing at a greater pace. In other words, do more! Keep doing what you are doing. Be consistent at what you do, as long as what you are doing is the correct thing to do!

I recall once speaking to my upline mentor and complaining about the results I was getting with my ezine article marketing. He told me I was on the right track, just triple the number of articles I was getting out online. He was right, I increased my production, and the traffic came and I profited.


You need to ramp up your efforts to ramp up your results. Consult with your mentor to make sure you are doing the right thing. Take a close look at what others are doing and use what they are doing  to your full advantage. Don’t be afraid to take massive action, the rewards will follow. I wish you the best of luck!

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