The Role Of Family And Friends In Your Internet Business

Most affiliate programs will try and get you to start off your new business by signing up your Inner Circle or some Circle Of Influence. To me those words are a euphemism for friends and family.

Recruiting your friends and family is a horrible way of starting a business because those that sign up are doing so for your benefit not their own. They dont really want to be in business or buy a product, they do for the sake of their relationship to you, whether family or friend. They are probably just doing it for you if you approach them! Because of this fact, they will never become productive members of your downline. It may look good on your downline tree, but it will never make you any money.

Your Inner Circle can be become an important part off your business but not as a result of your directly recruiting them. Instead, you should let them come to you and find out what you are doing. My entire family knows what I am doing online. I have been an online marker since 2001. I have never once gone up to one of them and let them know what I am doing. They have always come to me to find out what I am doing.

I quit my day job several years ago to work online. When my cousin asked me how work was, I told him I wouldnt know, I dont work there any more. It was then, and only then that I explained that I make my sole living by marketing online.

Of course after I say I quit my job the conversation turns to where and what I am doing. I never go out of my way to inform any one in my family what I am doing for a living. If they ask, I tell. When I do, some of them even want to follow me. This is ok. It is of their own volition, not by by my influencing them in any way. My conscience is clear.

I simply tell them “listen, I don’t really want my friends and family doing what I am doing just because you feel obligated in some way, so just do me a favor, here is my business card and if you know of someone that might be interested, let them give me a call.

Several of them have done that and this practice has resulted in several valuable contacts. You can’t just let this group (family and friends) pass you by. There is a decent chance that they know some people that might turn into vital pieces of your downline. There is no need to neglect them.

In conclusion, family and friends can be important to the life of your business. Just tell them what you do and how you do it when and if they ask. Tell them that you don’t really want family and friends in the business with you. If they do want to get involved, tell them that you only want them if they truly want to be part of it, and not just because they feel obligated because of your relationship with them. Tell them that if they know anyone who might be interested in what I do to give your card to them. By doing that, your family and friends will end up asking you to allow them into your business and get involved for the right reasons.

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