Selling The Affiliate Scheme

It’s quite a simple process:
1. Join an affiliate scheme.
2. Get your linking code.
3. Make a web page and put the code on it.
4. Wait for the cash to roll in.

Simple!….or is it?

You produce your pages, submit them to a search engine and….nothing!

You are probably falling down on more than part of the process.
Here is a quick guide that may (or may not!) help you along the way to an Internet based income.

1. Join an affiliate scheme:
Not all affiliate schemes are made the same. Look deeper before you decide to sign up. Ask yourself questions from a buyer’s point of view before you even start filling in the application form. Would I buy this product? Would I buy from this Company? Have I heard of this company? Is the product something I really need? The more negative responses you have the less likely anyone else would buy either. This could mean saving you hundreds of hours trying to promote the affiliate scheme with no results.

2.Make A Web Page and put the affiliate link on it:
Wait!!! Before your even start there’s more than just making a web page any old how. Firstly, buy a domain name and proper hosting. Having a website which resides on a real domain is much better than trying to use free web space. Its looks more professional and wont be artificially crammed with extra advertising banners by the host. These extra banners and adverts are trying to steal YOUR generated traffic. With affiliate scheme promotion as competitive as it is, you need the full attention of any visitors you do manage to get. You want hem to see your hard work, not let them be stolen.
Before you even buy a domain name (not expensive at all!) give a thought to keywords you will employ on your site. For example, if you are promoting loans, then ensure your domain name employs that you do. A domain name is no good if you are selling car loans!! There are many good sites details how to research keywords and phrases. I recommend your read these BEFORE even opening your web creation/coding software. (Search for SEO in and search engine for more material than you could ever read).

3.Wait for the cash to roll in:
You have got a good product, your own website, and have research and coded you website to include important keywords and key phrases. Time to wait for the cash to roll in. WRONG! If possible keep an eye on the traffic to your site. Getting a god host to begin with usually means you have a way to analysis traffic to your site, where they come from, what they searched for, etc. WATCH the traffic and see what it is doing.
MEANWHILE start your next project. Your new site may rank very well for anything up to a month, maybe two, but it WILL fall in traffic levels. When this happens you need a new site to take over. Have it built and start getting traffic to it as soon as possible. For real search engine savey lean how to link the two together properly to get even more traffic between your sites.

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