Researching Your Next Niche The Easy Way

Are you ready to find your next new
niche? Stumped as to how to find a good and a profitable new niche?
Here are a few easy steps to finding that niche in a lot less time
than you might have thought!

So you’re ready to pick a new niche. Or
perhaps it’s your first niche. Finding a new and profitable niche is
as easy as looking through the entries at It’s my
first choice of where to look. Dig deep into the categories at any
high ranked article submission site if you prefer. For example:

Look under Relationships and you will
see the following top 7 sub-categories:

  • Relationships
  • Affairs
  • Anniversaries
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Conflict
  • Dating

Now lets look at sub-category “Dating”
and open up the very first article, which, as of this writing is
entitled: “Why is He Not Calling? How To Get Your Man To Call You
More”. Now, scroll down to where it says, “Most Viewed
EzineArticles in the Relationships:Dating Category (90 Days) “ and
click on the first article there. Scroll to the bottom of the page to
see how many time that article has been read….. 22364 times!!
Twenty-two THOUSAND times! If that isn’t a popular niche, I don’t
know what is! Now let’s see what is being sold from this article by
clicking on the link. Clicking on the link will bring us to a Squidoo
lens where it’s quite obvious what the product is, so we don’t even
need to click on it to go to the sales page. It can easily be
searched for and found at Clickbank.

But you get the point of how easy this
is to do?

Now, if you’re new to affiliate
marketing, I’m not so sure I would recommend going after a niche
quite so popular, but would rather say to go for one a little less
populated! Lets look at another one…

Look into Recreation and Sports and
then the sub-category Horse racing. The first article under ”Most
Viewed EzineArticles in the Recreation-and-Sports:Horse-Racing
Category (90 Days)” has been viewed 618 times. This is closer to
reality for newbies and I know of several products available for
horse race betting.

The link in the article takes us to a
Blog. From there, as we read the post and click on his link we find
the actual Clickbank product he is marketing. And it’s as simple as
that. You could spend days at Clickbank dithering over whether or not
a product is worth your time and effort trying to sell – or you
could go straight to the source and find out what IS selling. I’m
telling you if 618 people have read this article in just the past 90
days then at just a 2 % conversion rate is 12 sales at an average of
oh… $30 – you have a nice little income for this product alone of
$360. Now do that 20 more times..

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