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There’s the scammers and the classic “blame it on the other top earners” marketers on the internet. Beware of where you thread or what you read because those other reviews are very misleading at times. Usually, they’ll give you an alternative product or ebook to buy just so that they can squeeze an easy $67 or something out of you. Not so if you keep your mind open and hear out the greener side of things.

Today, I’m pretty sure that there’s so many other guys out there pointing on and on about how you shouldn’t be listening to the guru’s or the top earners out there. These guys will even tell you to look the other way just so they can suggest a different product. What a cunning way to market the perfect wealth formula!

You see, this is all a gimmick. What you’re about to see is not just another review on whether this opportunity will work or not. It’s going to be my gift of getting my hands dirty for you and all the research done. If you decide to choose a specific person to join under or even get the best marketing method ever to generate sales; what makes you think that it will guarantee you any sales at all?

Precisely, my point. Let’s hit the facts.

It’s not the person you join or even the system that you use. It’s really about how you decide to work your own system and using all the knowledge that you learnt in marketing the opportunity effectively. Since we’re here and that the perfect wealth formula is even mentioned, why not go through some known strategies that worked for me and even some new marketers are doing.

Step 1: watch a few video’s and reading about 1 or 2 ebook on a strategy

Fill your mind with some marketing strategies that you would be interested in. Ensure that they are well within your budget or time constraint. You wouldn’t want to burn yourself out.

Step 2: put them into action

A famous marketer said it best like this “even if it’s crap, just get it out there”. Time is precious and whatever you know just put it to action. You can always tune it up later. Baby steps works best.

Step 3: fine tuning your own system

Even if you see a click or visits to your website, that’s a start. Then, target to increase those visits and pretty soon your sales ratio will also increase. Always track and improve. You’ll soon see a sale or two.

If you still don’t catch what was mentioned, then remember this important point. No one is more special or gifted than you in profiting from the perfect wealth formula. The only difference is what experienced or skillful marketers do with their time in creating profits online.

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