Niche’s The Web Marketing Strategy that could bring you Riches

Niche’s, it is no secret, they are the back bone of the internet marketing world. If you plan on making any money in this business you must have a profitable niche. There is no if’s and’s  or but’s about it, period.

If you havn’t heard so already Niches is one of the most talked about web marketing strategies in Internet Marketing. Locating a niche market does not have to be difficult though, with a little bit of knowledge and the right proceedure, you can find a profitable Niche with very little difficulty.

You should always start with a Niche that you are interested about. Hunting for a Niche that realy dosn’t float your boat, will end up sitting on the shelf with little to no further advancement on your part. If you can’t think of a Niche, as a general rule of thumb, think of a Hobby.

Think about things that you enjoy, such as dirt bike racing, cooking, Playing computer games, playing Poker etc. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it though because you will not take action and lose out. Once you have located your Niche, you will need to do some research to see if that Niche has a strong target market, is popular, in demand and will be profitable.

There are some more advanced nich web marketing strategy tools out on the net these days of which some can really zone in on untapped niche’s that have been missed by the masses. In addition to the more high tech tools you have your traditional ones that can get you started on your quest easily and effortlessly. Google keyword Tools and Word Tracker are some great tools to wet your feet.

You want to start off by using a keyword or keyword phrase for that Niche and do a basic search. You can use which ever tools you are most comfortable with to do this, a planned niche web marketing strategy begins with some browsing, if you will. Once you have searched your phrase or phrases, Pick only the top 5 phrases that come up in your results.

You will be able to see right away if there are many people searching for different variations of your Niche keyword phrase. If you have more than 500 searches in your top 5 phrases this is promising. If it is less than that you should pick another Niche plain and simple. Let’s asume that your top 5 have more than 500 searches. Now we need to find out if that niche is going to make you money.

Create a folder either in your documents or your desktop where you can store this data. This way you will have easy access to the information as you do your research. Now go to Google’s home page and do a search, one at a time, of your top 5 phrases. What you will see is what everyone is striving to achieve. Google page 1.  What you need to look at here is the number of results. Let’s say for example you typed “Quilting for Amatures” and the results were 18,500,000 then this is a good indication that that niche has a market.

You will follow by determining how many AdWords are in that phrase. The reason you will do this is because the more people are bidding on those words the more profitable that Niche is likely to be. The place I go to, to look at this data is called spyfu. This
site will let you see how much money people are spending  with Google AdWords, for that phrase. Do this for each of the 5 phrases you chose. What you want to see is high figures with low competition. If it is lower than 10 competing ads than your web marketing strategy has just paid off big time.

No worries though, as long as there is people spending money, and the market is there, 99% of the time you will make money. Now to wind things up a little you are going to want to dig a little deeper into that Niche to create some dominance. What I mean there is, as our prior example of Quilting for Amatures you will want to go a bit further and focus on, How an Armature can Quilt like the pro’s. Get the picture? Good.

Go to yahoo answers and see what people are wanting answers to, that are specific to your Niche. This will help you uncover patterns or popular trends in regards to questions. This will help you later so that you can target those people and address their questions. By doing this you can come up with a good 5-6 different questions that you can address in a report by using bullet points.

You may also create a “top 10 ways to”…or “7 easy steps to”… etc. You will see how this could cause a niche marketing internet frenzie so it’s best to make yourself stand out. You will also learn that this technique is highly used as a super affiliate niche marketing strategy so you will need to stay on top of your game if you want to de-thrown the IM super stars. Work your niche web marketing strategy the right way and you will be the super star. Happy Niching.

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