Niche Affiliate Marketing – the Smart Way to Build Your Business

I talk to so many people and they are really missing a beat with this and not really understanding the power of using this tool to brand themselves online. The tool I am talking about is a blog, or more to the point your own self hosted blog.

You might be thinking what is niche affiliate marketing and how can it be used to build my business. Well it is a very powerful way to build your business and it will generate you a massive amount of traffic and leads.

As you are well aware, if you are involved with network marketing then that can be broken down into lots of niches, like affiliate marketing, internet marketing social and so on. So if you use affiliate websites to build your business you can use niche affiliate marketing to laser target people looking for your product.

By the end of this article you will have an understanding of how to put together a strategy to target you particular niche. It may sound like a lot of work but I can tell you in the long run it will pay out over and over again.

If you follow the list below you will be able to drive massive amounts of traffic back to your blog and sales pages.

    1) Once you have picked your niche you want to do your keyword research, you will be looking for 8 to 10 strong keywords for your niche.

    2) Now that you have your keywords, take the 4 strongest ones and write 4 blog posts on each keyword.

    3) Next you want to write 2 articles for EzineArticles and in the resource box link to 2 of your blog posts. All four blogs should have a link to them. Do not submit these articles until your blog posts are published.

    4) Upload all your post to your blog and make sure you are linking to each other post within the niche. Do not publish until you are ready with all 4 posts.

    5) Publish all 4 blog posts and syndicate in tribes and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    6) Submit your 2 articles to the article directory, once published, syndicate these articles as well.

    7) Everyday you need to keep syndicating your content so it moves up the search listing.

    8) After a week or so, write 2 or 3 more blog posts on the same niche using your other keywords and follow the same steps as above.

Looking at this strategy you might be thinking that it’s a lot of hard work and it is, but after a month or two you will have so many more leads coming into your business. Those leads will continue to grow as your post and articles move up and stay on page 1 of Google.

If you are just writing one article at a time it although it works, it will take much longer to achieve the same results. You goal is to get traffic and leads as quickly as possible.

Once you have achieved this you can then concentrate your efforts on money making activities like connecting with prospects and turning them into paying customers and business partners. You don’t need to market everyday as you have laid a foundation with your niche affiliate marketing strategy.

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