Moneyblog – How To Make Your Blog Win In An Unfair Game

At the end of 2001 Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team, faced an impossible task. They had just lost their three top players to their rivals and they were faced with the prospect of having to compete with teams that had a massively higher budget and greater resources than they could ever hope to have.

However, by throwing out conventional wisdom and employing a completely new approach to selection Billy was able to oversee a successful team who managed to put together a record breaking 20 game winning streak and the story has been told in Moneyball starring Brad Pitt.

If you are trying to make money from your blog then you are in a very similar situation to Billy. There are companies out there who have massive resources and existing traffic to call upon so how exactly are you supposed to compete and get money from blogging?

The answer is to look at what Billy did for the Oakland A’s and to replicate it into your business. Here then is what every blogger can learn from Moneyball:

Chad Bradford

Chad Bradford was overlooked simply because he had a strange throwing action which led people to ignore the fact that he was actually a great pitcher.

Moneyblog Tip

Don’t be afraid of choosing pitches that might seem strange or even weird at first. You don’t have a corporation to worry about so you can do whatever works – even if it is unconventional.

Scott Hatteberg

Scott had difficulties with his throwing and was moved to first base by Billy, even though Scott was completely unfamiliar with this position. The gamble paid off and Scott excelled in this position.

Moneyblog Tip

Be flexible and learn to be able to adapt. If you have difficulties in making money from your blog in a niche then be willing to change – even if you have never been there before.

David Justice

Justice was seen as past his prime and finished by others but Billy got the best out of him and also discovered a leader and inspiration for the team.

Moneyblog Tip

Be willing to fall back on tried and trusted techniques that others may think are past it as you may find that they allow you to hit the ball out of the park. Blogging regularly, writing quality content and choosing key words carefully are all old ideas but still work today.

Paul dePodesta

Cast as Peter Brand and played by Jonah Hill, the original architect of the Moneyball system used analysis and statistics to find the sweet spot for his team; a valuable player for the lowest cost possible.

To make money for your blog you need to find your own sweet spot. Let’s say you are in the dieting niche. Using a title of diet or diet program will give you almost zero chance of ever been seen by anybody as there is so much competition by the bigger teams out there.

However if you target ‘long distance running diet’ you will have almost no competition whatsoever and will likely get your blog ranked on the first page of Google – so all you need to do is put together an article targeted towards diet products that long distance runners may use such as hydrating drinks or protein drinks

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