Mass Cash Coverup Exposed

Mike Auton has offered his product, Mass Cash Coverup to enable affiliate marketers to automate large portions of their Free traffic methods through SEO tasking. The base product includes software to assist in backlink construction, article spinning, and blog pinging. He has provided 3700 articles in the package, which all by itself is worth the price of admission.

Mike Auton is well known in the affiliates Marketing world, started out from scratch as an affiliate with no background whatsoever, and within six months, he was generatingmillions of dollarsin affiliate sales using paid traffic techniques that he had developed on his own. And while he was happy with his results, he realized that for many affiliates, investment in paid advertising campaigns is out of reach. So for the last 15 months, Mike and his crew have bunkered down to create a system, that is often promised but seldom delivered, delivering a 100% automated sytem.

Mike developed a two part, simple to execute formula, for generating unlimited, laser targeted traffic at zero cost, with expeditious results, zero cost traffic, fast….

The product became a necessity, as Mike like most Old School affilliate marketers had his pay per click foundation pulled out from under him, like so many others, he was a victim of the change in marketing focus, at google, which eliminated the affiliates ability to direct link to sales pages from an ad on AdWords. He has created a software system which automates the process of SEO procedures to include backlink construction, Article spinning, and blog pinging. As Mike moved to free traffic methods, and was faced with the drugery of creating profiles in hundreds of different sites, submitting articles and building backlinks, he sought a simpler method, a worksaving tool to enable rapid indexing and recognition by the popular Search Engines. As do all of the new automated systems that are coming out on the market today, this product begins with the basics, instruction for the newbie includes niche identification, product selection, you will need to learn how to construct a site, and I would continue to recommend WordPress for the neophyte marketer. The part of the product which I enjoy the most would of course be the article library. Mike has provided upwards of 3700 articles, all professionally written and keyword optimized, targeted with laser beam keywords, towards the most productive product categories available on clickbank and elsewhere, thereby, taking some of the drugery out ot the writing process, which, not surprisingly, is the biggest obstacle to most blogger’s progress.

Mike refutes other methods in his sales page, while I like his product, my suggestion would be to slight no other method of traffic generation, use whatever means you have at your disposal to create traffic streams to your blog post or website. Furthermore, I don’t have basic belief in anything that is promoted as totally automatic. At the very list, the work to set up and use the autosubmission software, will have to be done for every blog site an product you promote, so this still does not spell 20 minute payday in my book. I really like the backlinking and article submission software, it belongs in any web marketer’s arsenal, so if you don’t have the tools which do this job for you already, you would be wise to join the world of automated submission. For further information, please visit EliKen Marketing

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