Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Today I want to discuss with you how long it
takes to make money online as an affiliate marketer. Well if I was a scammer, I
would tell you something along the lines of “you can make £100 – £400 a
day using just two simple techniques, and you could be making this by tomorrow
or even today”.

Folks, I m really sorry
but it just does not work that way. If you are considering starting your own
blog, which is really the only way to go about affiliate marketing, because you
want to build brand reputation, it is going to take some time and especially
more than just one day.

So now assuming that you have your website now
setup. How long is it going to take for you to start bringing in some cash?
Well this does depend on a number of variables, but there do have a lot to do
with you.

So you have spent the minimal amount on your
website hosting which is good and are you collecting subscribers and if
so how are you doing that? Are you using feed burner or some kind of auto

Also, how are you driving traffic to your
website? You can do it without spending any money but it is going to take once
again, to start bringing people to your site and to start making some revenue,
it is going to take that bit longer especially if you do not have that much
money to spend on advertising.

You could make money today with your website, if
you are ready to spend money on Google Adwords or SEO Oldham UK. If you happen to be in a highly
non-competitive niche that has a huge market, which is going to be very
unlikely at this point, you could be making money today. But, in most cases,
most people tend to start making money anywhere between one and six months. 

And this really does depend on the time that can
be invested. If you are working it partner is and there are children to look
after and the only real time you have to invest is in the evening, then you do
have some time to start posting comment to other blogs and other forums in
order to start generating traffic. 

However if you only have say thirty minutes a
day to spend on your website then it will be clearly take more time. Are you
making sure that you are answering the questions from people on other forums
and attracting them back to your website? Because this is how you are going to
build a subscription list. And this needs to be one of your ultimate goals.

You need to build a list of subscribers that
come back to your site on regular basis whenever you send out a big blog post,
and this is done thorough blog broadcasting. And the only way that you can do
this is thorough an Aweber auto responder, which costs money. 

So how much money you can make really depends on
a lot of variables. This includes the amount of time you have to invest, is
there any money to invest beyond getting your domain name, web hosting and of
course getting your website created. Also can you afford an auto responder?
Whilst not necessary, but once again, if you don’t have one, then things are
going to take a little longer and more work. 

As you can see, affiliate marketing, just like
any other business does require investment in terms of time and cash, before,
you can expect to see any type of return. Don’t make the mistake thinking it is
simple as lot of scammers want you to think.

But what I am saying is, if you do have time and
you are willing to work on your blog and focus on your audience, then you could
possibly start seeing a return within as little as one month.

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