Make Money Writing Articles Online

Have you heard that you can make money online? Have you ever
wondered how that works? Have you imagined yourself at home in your pyjamas,
tapping away at your computer knowing every word can make you money? It
certainly can happen, but…


Firstly there are article directories that pay you to write
articles online.  These are not pay to
join; in fact I would be very suspicious of any article directory that asked
you for a sign up fee. 

One of these article directories is
which offers a dollar value for every article written. You must be over 18 to
write for them, and also a US resident. There are other directories that offer
a percentage of the income they get from advertisers.

Perhaps a more lucrative way to make money writing articles
is to approach website owners. If you have expertise in a particular area you
can offer your services to website owners, because there is always demand for
well written articles. This works very well if you have expert knowledge in a
particular area. Contact website owners that are relevant to your area of
expertise and if you can actually show them something you have written, that is
very useful.

However, there is still a way that a person with no area of
expertise can make money writing articles online.

If you have a hobby or an interest in something you can
often find products, particularly information products, on that subject. For
instance you may love dogs. You could write an article about dog training and at
the end of the article you could put a link into the resource box. When the
reader clicks on the link, they go to a page where they can buy an eBook on dog
training. When the reader buys the book you get a percentage, usually 50% and
up to 75% of the value of the book.

Some article directories do not allow direct linking to a
sales page. But if you wrote a page reviewing different dog training products,
you could direct the reader there and the same thing would apply. You receive a
percentage of the final value of the book.

Can you imagine having several successful niches all
bringing you home money? Waking up every morning knowing there is no rush to
work – because now you choose your own hours, working at home!

Can you see yourself striding into your bosses office and
handing him an envelope with your resignation in it – and seeing their shocked

Can you imagine confidently telling your friends that you no
longer have to go to work, and that making money at home is covering not only
all your bills but affording you a great lifestyle? Especially the ones that
doubted you – they will have to eat their words now!

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