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Making money by publishing on the Internet is now becoming a global phenomenon is slowly being the first choice of advertising media used by companies to marketing their businesses.

With the rise of this trend, the ball game of taking a pie of this revenue has gone into the hands of website owners who are now the potential publishers of these advertisements.Television’s, Radio, FM Stations are slowly having a tough time saving there market share with every new innovation that the internet industry is making through online media advertising. Its time that the advertising revenue be shared with the masses.

There are various options that a website owner can now look into making money by publishing advertisements on his website.

Types of Online Publisher Advertising Networks

1. Search Engine’s based contextual advertisement. (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search engine marketing and various other networks who pay well).

2. Publisher Advertising Networks / Affiliate Marketing (Clickbank, Link share, etc.) who are paying publisher on per sale basis.

3. Website based Affiliate networks, Where the website owners have their own affiliate networks to reward publishers.

4. There are various networks who also pay you, on the basis of CPM (Cost per impression) and CPC (Cost per click basis).

SO you want to make money roll a website and start making money by joining any of the above online advertising options.

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