Legit Online Jobs Review

If you’ve always wanted to make money online but completely lost with all the hype, look no further as I’ll review a unique program compiling affiliate/internet marketing, paid surveys/ads/emails and data entry into just one package.


This unique program is called Legit Online Jobs. This program separates itself from the pack in that it’s a huge database compiling almost all types of money making opportunities whether it be through affiliate/internet marketing right down to getting paid filling in surveys or writing reviews of your shopping/dining experience.

At first I was skeptical about this program once I saw their sales pitch and thought to myself it’s just one of those money making scams again. However I came across their Trust Guard seal which verified they were a legitimate business.

Legit Online Jobs has clearly shown their address, phone number, email and account activity so if you wanted to check their爈egitimacy just give them a call, an email or letter.燨nce I saw they were a verified business I decided to give it a爐ry since I know that all scams don’t bother to show their address, contact number or email.營f you would like a look at their Trust Guard seal just locate their seal on the top right side of the homepage.

The features of Legit Online Jobs

Ad Cash System – The Ad Cash System is a program whereby you type and post ads for a company on free classified sites.
Real Home Jobs? A comprehensive database containing real online jobs. Always remember to research each job that you think is suitable for you. Some training maybe required before hand.
Paid Surveys – Get paid to fill out surveys from survey companies.
Paid Shopping – Get paid to write reviews about your shopping and dining experiences.
Paid Driving – Get paid to drive your own car with your company’s advertising.
Paid Email/Surf – Get paid to read email and visit websites.
Paid Offers – Get paid to complete free offers from various companies. Similar to survey companies.
Paid TV – Get paid to watch and write reviews of TV advertisements for TV companies.
Paid Photos – Get paid to take photos and sell them on photo stock websites.
Paid Blogging – Get paid to write up your blogs.
Wholesale/Ebay – Access the best wholesale sources and make money reselling.
Government Auctions – Access government auctions all across the US.
Government Grants – Find the best sources for all types of grants in the US.
Advanced Money Money making secrets for advanced users.


The largest collection of money making opportunities in one package if you purchase the VIP package.
A database of real jobs that is updated frequently.
Bonus e-books that provide advice such as personal development, health & fitness, love and dating, recipes and holiday packages.


No progressive plan from beginner to advanced.
Overwhelming amount of information makes it hard to start.
Some resources maybe outdated.

My personal experience

With my experience of Legit Online Jobs I found it took a considerable amount of time to build a significant income. I started off with doing paid surveys as I’d done a few paid surveys in the past but with no significant income. These days I’m getting many surveys everyday infact just from Legit Online Jobs I’ve signed up to 63 survey companies. In total I’ve earnt over $500 from these surveys. Small but definitely achievable.

My other opportunity was affiliate marketing. This didn’t turn out to well as I didn’t have a plan of action yet I persevered with it. In total just 3 sales totalling $66, I know it’s tiny compared to my paid surveys but was excited with my result.

The reality

Legit Online Jobs is definately not for those who want to make money by doing nothing. It requires determination and faith in order to succeed. For some lucky people it may take a few days to start earning online. For most it will take a few months of work to earn online.

As with any venture you commit yourself to, perseverance is key. Before you know it, you will feel impressed with your work. If you would like the complete story of Legit Online Jobs then click here.

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