Learn Affiliate Marketing – 4 Quick Affiliate Marketing Tips

Are you having problem making money with affiliate marketing? Have you equip yourself with the foundation to a successful affiliate marketing business? Have a look at these 4 tips before you start rushing into the online business industry…

Being successful in affiliate marketing doesn’t need to be rocket science. Just learn these 4 tips as your foundation and you will be well on your on way to make money online.

1. Select product

If you look into the internet, you will find at least thousands of products for you to be affiliate of. Pick a category of your choice and look for products that pay out more than $20.

2. Landing page

Successful affiliate marketers never send the prospects to the merchants directly. This is because prospects are not likely to buy your affiliate product at the first or second visit. You need to convince your prospects that the product will indeed benefit them and that need time.

What you can do is to extract the benefits bullet points from the merchant website, make some adjustment and publish them on your landing page. Only select the benefits that you think is outstanding because landing page is suppose to be short. Its main purpose is to capture your prospects’ details.

3. Add freebies

Imagine that you are the prospect and will you give your email address to someone you can’t see if there is nothing for you? Your prospects will most likely reserve their details when they get nothing.

Successful affiliate marketers know that they need to give something to exchange with prospects contact details. Be it a report or software as long as it benefits your prospects and attract your prospects to offer you their details.

4. Traffic

If you are serious to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to send targeted traffic to your landing page.

New affiliate marketers often start their online business with pay per click advertising. There is nothing wrong with that if you know how to leverage it.

You need to research for long tail keywords instead of using general keywords for your advertisement. Let’s think about this, how many potential buyers are there if you use “compact digital camera”? You are grouping your prospects with information searcher together. You will waste money if the information searcher clicks on your ad.

Targeted traffic like “buy compact digital camera” is going to increase your conversion rate and save your money. So, make sure you target the traffic to your landing page.

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