LCNCash: A Program With A Difference

LCNCash, the affiliate program for, just unvealed it’s revamped site and affiliate tools for the live hi-def videochat site.

(Cyberspace) July 30, 2007 – Live video chat site has always done things a little differently than other webcam sites, and, it’s revamped affiliate program, follows in the same footsteps.

“LiveCamNetwork has first of all always trained the chat hostesses or cam girls,” said Affiliate Manager and LCN Studio manager Stephanie “Mediachick” Soucy. “This makes them far flirtier, and more seductive, and better converters.”

Soucy has the advantage of being able to determine which performers are best to help target and convert affiliate traffic to the CCBill-powered program.

One example of this was when she came up the idea of combining balloon fetish with a live online party-chat, called the Inflate-a-thong. “It was a natural. A few of our girls work for Emma’s Balloons ( too and the whole balloon fetish was game-party oriented and fun.”

The event was promoted via affiliate tools such as blog entries, press releases and other text-based tools and was a success according to the seven-year industry veteran.

“It makes more sense to have the affiliate manager working directly with the content, because in this case the content, being live, acts more like a sales rep for the site than models in pics or vids do,” said Soucy. “They are the tour, in the end.”

But LiveCamNetwork has also always qualified its traffic with carefully-targeted PPC, keyword-phrase campaigns.

“You don’t need 20,000 hits a day to hope for two sales when the traffic is predisposed to your content or services,” said Soucy.

“Our live, widescreen hi-def video really helps, but educated surfers are better buyers”

By using tools that prompt surfers to read before they click, LCNCash hopes to nurture the same kind of traffic as Search Engine or keyworded PPC traffic.

“We’re doing that by holding back on the FHG’s for a while,” said Soucy. “And concentrating on search-engine friendly tools.”

LiveCamNetwork has an open front-end, with free registration and free chat upsell, “So heaving surfers who are freeloaders and beggars won’t help conversions or the chat hostesses.”

Although LiveCamNetwork features an e-wallet system, affiliates are paid even though the member may not spend his money immediately. “We pay 25% on each conversion,” said Soucy.

Boasting a brand new design, LCNCash, which also features photo packs, niched banners, pre-templated galleries and video chat simulations.


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