Internet And Network Marketing

How do you start a business on the net? Well, network marketing opportunities available on the internet is a good starting point.


There are several reasons. Let us see some of them:

1.There are excellent affiliate programs where you can join free of cost or at minimal subscription and take advantage of the network marketing opportunities they offer.

2.Good companies provide support to promote your and their business. This is a good training ground to learn and master promotional skills. Many top affiliate programs also provide a mentor for you to speed up your learning process.

3.There are many free and inexpensive promotional methods to choose from. Many of them not only promote your business, they also help you to establish your presence on the net.

4.Many affiliate programs offer multiple sources of income over and above direct commission – such as residual earnings, leveraged earnings and several types of bonus.

5.Establishing yourself and building your credibility should be the basic objective of your promotions – you promote yourself as much as your business. People will more readily listen to you if they have trust in you – your reputation far outweighs the merits of business you are promoting.

Did you say this will take time? I quite agree with you. It will take time to build up your business. Earnings are generally slow to come, but they can gather real momentum over a period of time.

Internet has transformed network marketing as never before. And this is only the beginning!

I remember joining a multilevel marketing opportunity before the age of Internet. To promote my business I had to physically approach the people I knew and I distributed leaflets at public places.

Come Internet and a vast array of unheard-of promotional tools were created. All these tools have been designed with one major objective – to catch fancy of the people. In spite of advances in promotional methods, this basic objective has not changed.

The reason is quite simple. There is no change in the emotions which drive the people to their actions. This has been so since ages. And it is not going to change.

Internet has tremendously increased the reach and scope of targeting the same emotions over a vast community of netizens – though you are rarely face-to-face with the recipients of your message. Unique promotional tools have been developed which can be used only on the net.

First of all I would like to say my hats off to those net-preneurs who have designed so many different tools – and the evolution continues. I never cease to wonder at the creative ideas people come out with.

I have tried several promotional methods. But one tool has given me better response than all others combined. This is writing articles for publications on ezines.

There are so many ezines which are prepared to publish your article free of cost. You can add a resource box with your article which will carry your promotional message. This is a free publicity for you targeted to those who are interested in reading your article. Outside internet this type of low cost publication and ready accessibility of information is unthinkable.

Those who have published my articles have done great job for me. The author of the article is perceived as a human with flesh and blood who can be trusted. With your articles you can build up your image and identity. This advantage is not available on some other promotional tools such as classified ads, FFA pages, banner advertisement – though they have their own merit.

Articles published on ezines have come to acquire their own character which is distinctly different from what you will find in printed journals and magazines. When you read articles on ezines you feel that the author is talking to you. The message has spontaneity as if it is coming straight from author’s experience. This is far better way of writing than impersonal essay-type writing.

When your articles are published on ezines which allow free reprints, the articles are picked up by other publishers and webmasters for publishing on their sites. Your resource box goes along with the article – this is necessary pre-condition for re-publication of articles. This way you get publicity which continues for months and years as long as your article is available in the archives.

Writing articles is just one of the unique promotional tools available on the Internet. You can safely use this to charge up your network marketing.

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