Insider Secrets of How To Make Money With Clickbank

Many experienced affiliates have learned the potential of Clickbank in generating commissions. However, many new affiliates struggle simply because they dont have the right information they need to become successful Clickbank affiliates.

We have posted before about how our favorite way to making money online is affiliate marketing. This has been our bread and butter and has by far generated the most money with the least amount of ongoing effort.

One of the biggest affiliate networks around that you can make money with is ClickBank. This company allows you to sell your digital products using their service and create and affiliate program to get a group of salesmen for your product. They have been widely successful in the internet marketing world and many people make a lot of money with them.

How does Click Bank work?

There are two ways to really make money with ClickBank. The first is to use them to promote your own product. If you have created an ebook for example you can create an account with them and use Clickbank as your payment processor. The advantage to this is that they also serve as your affiliate program manager and they help you recruit affiliates to promote your product.

All you have to do is tell them what percentage of the sale you are willing to pay the affiliates and then ClickBank handles the rest. When an order is placed that came from one of your affiliates ClickBank automatically gives that affiliate the percentage you agreed to and then they deposit the rest of the money into your account. This way you both benefit.

The second way to make money with ClickBank is by signing up to promote other peoples products. This is a great way to decide on an industry to get in. Logon to ClickBank and search through the thousands of products available to promote. These range anywhere from dog training, to diet to learning another language. If you have an interest in life more than likely there is a product (or multiple products) you can promote.

The next step is to find the product and the offer that looks the best and create a website around it. One of the things that we like to do when we find an industry or niche that has a ton of products is to create a review website and review all of the products in that niche. If you do this right you can really help people make buying decisions and they will trust your advice and buy the product through your affiliate link.

It is also easy to create a lot of great content that will end up ranking in the search engines as you write reviews on each product individually. This is our “long term” method to making money through affiliate marketing. I say long term because we love free traffic from search engines and it takes a little time to get ranked but the long term effect is that you get traffic month after month and can really count on the income from the site when you put the time in.

Making Money Through ClickBank – Our Conclusion

We have spent some time on ClickBank looking at different offers that are available to promote. One thing that we have realized is that there are thousands of products on ClickBank that should not be there. Since a person has nothing to lose by placing a product on ClickBank to be promoted they can create a piece of garbage ebook and offer a 75% commission and affiliates will try to sell it.

This is a great disservice to the consumer and my only suggestion to you is that you make sure that any product you promote is legitimate and can truly help people. You wouldn’t want to sell people lung cancer just because you could get 75% of the sale. Promote good products and people will trust your opinion and advice and thus you will make more money with ClickBank.

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