Ideas to Build Multiple Streams Of Residual Income Online

To dramatically improve your chance of success as an affiliate marketer, it is a good idea to build multiple streams of residual income online, thus ensuring that you do not have all your eggs in one basket. 

You are probably asking “how many affiliate programs should I join?”  Be sure to avoid the mistake that many other people have made and that is joining too few affiliate programs on the one hand and too many on the other.

Joining too few affiliate programs is a problem for three major reasons: Firstly, the bottom line is that you absolutely, must start earning multiple streams of income. One income stream, even two is not enough in today’s world. If you are only relying on your job as your main source of income right now, you are a sitting duck for a financial disaster. If you lose your job or your health, you could be in big trouble financially. It is a very sad fact that most people are just one paycheck away from bankruptcy. The same applies to affiliate marketing. If you are relying on just one or two affiliate programs to pull in the bulk of your income, you are extremely vulnerable. If you have built up a big residual income in one program and it goes out of business so do you. You absolutely must develop multiple streams of income to be secure in today’s world. Secondly, joining only one or two affiliate programs does not give you enough experience to compare strengths and weaknesses of different programs. It leaves you being unaware of different possibilities and that is very dangerous to your financial health.

Thirdly, if you only have one or two different products or programs to promote, that is not enough to solve the many different problems people will be coming to you for. You need to have a variety of tools in your affiliate toolbox so you can pull out the right one at the right time for the right person. If you do not, you will be leaving money on the table. It is that simple.

Joining too many affiliate programs is a problem for two major reasons: Firstly, you will get very distracted. Focus has great power and if you have too many things to think about at one time, you will get confused. When you are confused, you do not take action. When you do not take action, you do not make money. Secondly, many people will not take you seriously. If you are promoting everything and anything, people will sense your lack of sincerity and have no desire to do business with you. One of the big secrets to affiliate marketing success is promoting things you have some experience with and believe in. But there is a happy medium somewhere in the middle of having enough products and programs to promote that keep you diversified and capable of solving multiple problems for people.

Ideally, five to six different affiliate programs in a niche is generally the best starting point to build multiple streams of residual income online. This gives you enough experience with different programs to compare their strengths and weaknesses. It gives you enough diversity so you can offer your prospects the right solution at the right time. And it broadens your own affiliate portfolio enough so that you can survive a disaster just in case one of the affiliate programs you are promoting falls on hard times.

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