I Wanted to Know How Can I Make Money Online Without Spending Money and I Found the Perfect Way

I wanted to know how can I make money online without spending money and I found the perfect way for me. Is it the perfect way for you? Why don’t you take a look and see for yourself?

If you spend much time on the internet you will come across a lot of people trying to sell you a program to get rich on the internet. Even if you believe them, do you have that much money to spend? Not me, I wanted to know how can I make money online without spending money, so I did some digging of my own.

A lot of the programs I saw being sold were all about making money on eBay by cleaning out your attic or garage. Well, I don’t have an attic, strike one. All I have in my garage that I do not want is old T-shirts, half empty paint cans and some plastic 5 gallon buckets, strike two.

That is not going to make anyone rich on eBay, especially now that eBay is not all it used to be; you just do not see the “garage & attic” crowd there anymore. Strike three.

I needed something better than that, something that really would work. How can I make money online without spending money turned out to be a tougher question than I thought. Everyone makes it sound so easy.

Then I stumbled upon “bum” marketing. Bum marketing is just a description one guy came up with to describe article marketing. With article marketing, you can borrow a computer from the library and get started making money online without spending money. Hooray!

I am no writer, but I certainly am a talker, just ask anyone who knows me. So I figured I would write about stuff I already use and see if I could get people to buy that stuff from a merchant who would pay me a commission for sending them the customer.

Turns out that is even easier than I thought. Even Walmart will pay people to send them customers to their website who buy a product.

What a deal, I thought, I am in business.

So I started writing articles, encouraged people to visit a merchant who sold a particular item or service, and collected a commission if they bought something.

No need for me to spend any money at all. The article directories where I submitted the articles are free to join and they love fresh, relevant content. It really is a win-win situation.

Could you make money online without spending money too? Here is what you need:

1.) A computer – if you do not have one, borrow one at the library

2.) Typing skills – hunt and peck will work, you can even use a computer speech to text program

3.) Email account – get a gmail address at google if you need one

That is it! Oh, wait, you also need a mailbox to have your checks sent to!

Have I simplified the process? Sure, but not by much. Can you pay a few bucks for a training program to accelerate your earnings? Yep, you sure can – but you do not have to.

When I asked how can I make money online without spending money I did struggle a little bit at the start, because I am generally a perfectionist. After I decided to invest some of my earnings in training my online income really took off.

That is when I decided to help others learn what I had learned.

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