How To Double Your Article Marketig Output in Half the Time

Article marketing is a very successful method by which to build your online business. But it can be very time consuming or costly, depending on whether you choose to spend your time or money to produce sufficient quantities of content. This article looks at a simple method of increasing your output and efficiency exponentially.

Article marketing works incredibly well when you are engaged in online business, whether in affiliate marketing or content publishing for Adsense or physical product sales with the Amazon program.

But it is incredibly time consuming to produce good, unique and original content. You can outsource this work to places like Elance or Odesk but this can prove costly, particularly when you may need to spend a lot of time editing and rewriting cheap content of dubious quality.

Article marketing, when done correctly, has the potential to give you two things that every site or blog owner craves..traffic and back links.However when you are looking at a situation where you may have many blogs you will be faced with the task of producing posts/articles for your many blogs and for the article directories.

A way around this problem and to increase your output efficiency exponentially is to use a program like Dragon Naturally Speaking which is a transcription software program. This is one of many transcription programs which allow you to speak your articles into a microphone attached to your PC and unless you are an incredibly fast typist you will always speak more quickly than you can type.

There are other voice recognition and digital recording programs available but what you need is a program which will transcribe your spoken words to the written word in the form of articles or posts on your home computer. You can pick up Dragon Naturally speaking on Amazon for around $50 and there are many other freeware programs available online which might be worth a look.

The initial cost of the software will be more than offset by the increased output you achieve and the complete eradication of outsourcing your article writing. There is a learning curve with this type of software but once you get the hang of it and the program recognizes the cadence of your voice and diction you will see huge increases in your efficiency, output and time management.

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