How Many Affiliate Programs Should You Join?

There is much debate about this question. Let’s take a little time to examine the options and you can make your decision based on your own goals and desires.

There are basically two schools of thought concerning this issue. On the one hand there are those who firmly believe that an Affiliate Marketer should join as many programs as humanly possible and sprinkle affiliate links throughout his or her website. They believe that the more affiliate programs they belong to and promote the better their chances of actually making a sale.

On the other hand, however, are those that believe that you should only be an affiliate for one, or at the most, two merchants and concentrate all your efforts on promoting just those two products, or merchants. They believe that if they give their visitors too many choices it will only confuse them, and when the visitor is confused they buy nothing.

Both points of view are valid. It’s true that if you give your visitors too many choices they will become confused and will not make any purchase. However, I believe that this only happens when you give your visitor too many choices ‘in the same category’. For example, let’s suppose you have a website all about your fabulous homemade cookie recipes. There are certainly different facets of making homemade cookies. There are the needed ingredients, of course. You also have the needed equipment and tools. These are two facets of making homemade cookies and there are probably more. (I don’t make cookies, so I really wouldn’t know.

)So, based on what I said above, I believe that a person could safely join at least four or five different affiliate programs and promote them on his or her site. You could join at least two merchants that sold fabulously pure baking ingredients and promote them to your customers. You could also join at least two, maybe three merchants who manufacture superb baking utensils and promote their products to your visitors.

Depending on the number of specific facets of your Websites theme, you could, in fact, end up with numerous products or services to promote. This is fine provided you don’t give more than two or three choices in each area or facet.

There is also one more disadvantage to joining as many Affiliate Programs as you possible can in the hopes that you will make more sales.

I am sure that you would agree that the best way to promote any product or service is to own it. How can you possibly effectively promote a product that you have never tried? It’s nearly impossible to present a product in it’s best light if you don’t know what you are talking about. Conversely, it is extremely easy to write a glowing review for a product that you own, use, and love, right? Of course, you could just mimic what the merchant says about his own product, but your readers will easily see through that ploy and it will backfire. (Don’t ask me how I know this to be true, heh heh.

)With the above being said, you now know that you will need to buy and use a hundred products or services if you want to promote a hundred products or services. At least, you will if you want to do it correctly.

So, how many Affiliate Programs should you join? That’s entirely up to you, of course, and if you have an extremely diverse theme you could possible promote dozens of products. But do yourself, and your visitors, a huge favor. Only promote those products that you own and love. The sales will follow.

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