How do I Create a Website around My Affiliate ID?

You’ve gone into affiliate marketing, and want to make money by promoting affiliate products. But just how do you go about promoting those affiliate products with your affiliate id?

One way that you can promote your affiliate products is by creating a website around your affiliate id. This way you’ll be showing them a site with useful information, instead of showing your affiliate link directly.

A simple way of creating a website around your affiliate id is by creating a site that reviews affiliate products, with your affiliate link in the review of course. You can give your visitors honest reviews about the product, as well as giving them articles and other useful information on topics related to the products you are promoting. The free information and articles will be enough for people to keep coming back, as long as you update regularly with more content. You could even offer a newsletter with more free information for people who subscribe, and follow up on those subscribers to sell even more affiliate products to them.

Another way to create a website around your affiliate id is by having a purely informational site, with affiliate links carefully placed within the content. People are always hungry for free information, and they might click and buy through your affiliate links if they find the information you provide useful. You can strategically place banners on your site’s pages, but don’t overdo it. One more way of creating a website around your affiliate id is simple, and doesn’t involve content as heavily as the previous ways did. Have your site set up as a squeeze page, with a little preview information to get your visitors curious, and a sign up form for an opt-in mailing list. Set up an autoresponder with a series of messages set up to give your subscribers useful information, as well as subtly advertising your affiliate products. You could give them tips that might help them, or articles on a topic related to whatever you’re promoting, or something in between.

Now why would you want to go through the trouble of creating a site around your affiliate id? People might hesitate to click and follow through your affiliate link, if you promote your affiliate link without a site. Those who know about affiliate marketing will realize that you will make a commission if they buy through that link, and out of spite will either buy from the merchant directly or they won’t buy at all. Either way, you’ll lose out on potential commissions. It might be to your benefit to cloak your affiliate link to minimize this problem.

These aren’t the only ways you can create a website around your affiliate id. There are many more ways that you can do so, and make money when you sell affiliate products. Use your imagination and keep learning to perfect your website.

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