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Knowing the importance of technology and how it affects our lifestyle. Dealing with technology and its opportunities could help people build what they want. Motivations are very important to have access with opportunities to gain success.

This article will let us understand our way of living in this technological age. What we’re doing before might not be as effective as it was now, technology changes people rapidly with their lifestyle as it gets its momentum 11 years ago. Today almost every person has their own mobile phone and we call it “investment” before but now it’s already “necessity”, same thing with the computer. In terms of jobs and businesses, before people have a limited option to have their work at home and work there with their family. Now we have unlimited ways or option to earn and benefit from those technology beside our love one’s just by using computer and internet.

We are all aware that this computer age created a great impact with our daily lives. Some people tend to think that internet and computer is just an additional bill, that’s the case if we are not a smart user of that technology. Business people consider computer and internet as their personal ATM machine. They convert it into money-making machine, technologically wise. They believed that knowing the basic about computers and internet can turn people lifestyle into an extra ordinary. Being technical is just a bonus not a mandatory. We are aware that many people achieved their financial success by just using the computer and internet. Most of their lifestyle before is just average or below. The difference between successful people and to those not is that, they just “try” to change their lives. “The greatest failure is the failure to try” by William Arthur Ward. This is similar to a lottery draw that we want to win however we did not try to get a ticket to be part of the game.

Successful people always say that the “opportunity is just in front of us” only those open-minded can see it. Opportunities that will lead to our own success are invisible to those people whose doubtful and negative thinker. Knowing how these technology works to provide the necessity of our family is the best thing. “Opportunities will fall in the way of every man but not everyone will use them” by Lee Kong Chian.

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