Harnessing Your Inner Tyrant

Success in any field requires distinct and consistent effort and determination in order to achieve. Business is not an exempt to it. The most successful people in business arena have gone through many obstacles and became victorious because of conscious desire and relevant purpose in order to contribute to something greater than themselves.

Do you believe that business owners are made and not born? Well, in time when you have a financial capital to start a business even if you don’t have much knowledge and any experience the inner tyrant in you still shines on. In other words, you become business minded and do not dwell on the thought that you do not know anything about business and you don’t have any talent to showcase. Instead the innate drive for starting a business fuels you to push towards your dream.

Just for instance, Ari Emanuel, the brother of Rohm who served as the first chief of staff of US President Barrack Obama, grew up dyslexic and diagnosed with ADHD. He is a the renowned top super-agent of Hollywood. Ari had become a billionaire and very successful in his chosen career. He did not follow the steps of his physician father and other similar professions of his family members but followed his dreams.

The first president of Facebook, Shaun Parker, who is also a billionaire, was shaken when he knew that Ari would like to have a meeting with him. Ari simply have the magic in his way of talking or maybe convincing people to simply listen to what he is saying. Another proof to that is the story behind the best selling book of Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, entitled “Lean In.” She recalled that it was Ari who encouraged her to write a book, and it was so impossible for her to just say no to him.

Just like Ari, many of us also wish to become successful in the careers that we have right now. But let me just ask, how many of us would risk starting a business and investing all that we got?

The answer lies on your hands. You should have the drive and confidence that you can start and manage a business, plus a lot of determination, patience and hard work to sustain along the way.

Another inspiring story is that of David Geffen, who is known to be the most resourceful American entrepreneur. He is a Madison Avenue agent, a film studio co-founder along with Speilberg, and a billionaire at 50 years old. Geffen, now retired at 70 years old, said that he had no talents and never denied the fact that he had humble beginnings in Brooklyn.

The bottom-line is that talent is not always necessary in order to succeed in life, but fearlessness, willingness, drive, and confidence to move forward in life after every fall matters a lot.

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