If you have a knack for writing and have some specialized knowledge that can be of interest to some online users, you have a good chance to make substantial income online by writing and publishing your own niche e-books. This article will explore some of those ways.

  1. You can sell ad spaces. You can be adding to your income by using these ad spaces by marketing to marketers, sell them products that will be complementing their book’s subject matter.

Based on the size of the ad, and estimated e-book sales generated, $500 an ad is within reasonable sum to expect. Some of that book space can also be utilized to promote your own products and services.

If you do this, your advertising expenses will not be killing you with an increase in sales and revenue. Warning, you must not make your ad spaces look too commercial and annoying to viewers, avoid the ‘Yellow Page’ effect.

  1. You can sell your niche e-books. 

This is the quickest way to produce cash from what you create.

Find those topics that are very interesting to potential clients and promote your niche e-books online by use of the most advanced and effective advertising tools available online today.

You have to build up what you are selling by highlighting their features and their benefits to make them as valuable as possible in the eye of your potential clients.

  1. Make sure to use them as your means to generate traffic to the max. The importance of getting targeted traffic to your website cannot be overlooked. That is your lifeblood.

You can be using your niche e-books to get interested people to your website. You can accomplish this by sending your niche e-books for free to your potential clients. Give these people plenty of information they will find valuable and pertinent, and you will make a friend and customer hopefully for life.

The idea here is to impress your readers and let them see how good you are at what you do, they will beat a worn out trail to your website. You should be posting your website url on every page you create so that they have it in front of them at all times, and can easily click on to the site due to it being readily available.

  1. Use these people for your list building campaigns. You will increase the chances of online success if you can capture the email address of your potential clients.

Reward those people with free niche e-books that contain important, relevant information for them and you will be greatly increasing your sign up rate.

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