Extra Online Income Ideas – Make Multiple Streams of Residual Income

A highly profitable extra online income idea is to capitalize on your marketing efforts by promoting a variety of legitimate affiliate programs on one website which will generate multiple streams of residual income.

You can experience the power of creating multiple streams of residual online income by simply promoting a few affiliate programs on your own online home business website.

Ideally you need to create an online residual income business that is going to earn you maximum income with minimal input, yet continues to pay you for years to come, especially if you are starting an online home business while still working in a job as you will only have a few hours a day to devote to building your online business.

You can achieve this by promoting a variety of residual income affiliate programs on one website and this will provide you with multiple streams of extra online income.  The exciting part is that you will receive payment each month from the different affiliate programs that you are promoting. 

Receiving six or seven payments each month (depending on how many affiliate programs you are promoting) is very exciting and even more so to watch those amounts increase every month as your affiliate down-lines grow and your online home business becomes more widespread across the internet.

It has been noticed that some programs perform better than others at different times of the month or year and so it is a good idea to promote an even spread of residual income affiliate programs to ensure that you still earn extra online income.  You will be also offering your website visitors a selection of programs to choose from.

To ensure that your residual income cheques continue to increase communicate with and offer to help those in your down-line.  Assist other online home business seekers to set up and build their own residual income business with the same method you used to start and build yours.  This will generate multiple streams of extra online income for your down-line from all the affiliate programs and in turn will boost your residual online income.

Automating your online home business by using an auto-responder to follow up with your visitors who choose to subscribe to your newsletter is really a necessity and this will free up more time for you to concentrate on marketing the business to attract targeted visitors to your website.

You will find that most of your time will be spent on the actual marketing and promoting of your online home business, so it makes sense to promote a variety of affiliate programs on one website in order to earn multiple streams of extra online income. 

It certainly is affordable to start-up your own residual online income business as many of the affiliate programs are free to join or have a small monthly subscription fee.  The other costs involved would for the hosting of your website and auto-responder. 

A great bonus is that most of the highly effective methods of internet marketing which attract targeted visitors, such as article writing, blog posting, forum posting, social book-marking and networking as well as submitting your site to the web directories are all free.

Stop and think about this for a moment.  If you are going to start your own online home business you are still going to purchase your own domain name and pay to host your website as well as install an auto-responder to automate the business, so it would be a good idea and make good business sense to promote five or six affiliate programs to earn multiple streams of extra residual online income.

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