Discover Holly Mann, and the Best Internet Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

There are countless eBooks and courses on Internet Affiliate Marketing for beginners out there, few of which are truly well valued for your money. Holly Mann’s Honest Riches 2 is one eBook package which fits the bill and even exceeds it.

Honest Riches 2 is written by Holly Mann, a friendly and HARDWORKING lady from the U.S., but living in Thailand. Her book focuses primarily on affiliate marketing. She stated the following on her Honest Riches website.

“The strategies I reveal in the e-book are the exact same ones I used when I first started out and they are the same exact techniques I use today.”

This tells me that Honest Riches 2 is certainly for beginners, and I was right. I brought Honest Riches 2 and found the information inside to be of EXCELLENT quality.

You may notice in Honest Riches 2 that Holly Mann writes in slightly long paragraphs throughout the entire eBook, and the content is quite dense. Sometimes it may get too long…but that shows Honest Riches 2 is PACKED with information and not white spaces.

Honest Riches 2 comprises of 12 chapters across 95 pages. Here’s some of the highlights.

Chapter 5 (Website Design & Development)

  • BIG chapter on Website creation. 18 pages explaining the 7 ways you can build a website. She did not explain everything as the technical details will bore you. There are books out there covering each method specifically.

  • Holly Mann offers you an excellent arrangement where if you buy web hosting through her affiliate link, she will set up a WordPress blog or Joomla CMS website for you FREE.

Chapter 8 (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Contains a DETAILED, 15 page, step by step instructions on how to correctly and fully create an optimized webpage and find out what keywords your competition is using.

“I provide a DETAILED guide to Search Engine Optimization – What to Do and How to do It”

She stated this on her sales page, and after reading this 15 page guide, Holly Mann sure does lives up to what she says.

  • Gives you a MASSIVE list of close to 400 website directories and article directories for you to submit to establish backlinks. She even includes the page rank of every one of them!

Chapter 11 (Creating Your Own E-Book)

  • An excellent 7 page step-by-step guide on how to create your own Ebook for you to sell. Holly Mann also includes tools she uses to create her eBooks. She however missed out the final step on how to put the finished eBook up for sale…

Any internet marketing newbie will understand Holly Mann’s excellent explanation on marketing and SEO techniques. There are numerous step by step instructions, with the 15 page step by step instruction on SEO in Chapter 8 and eBook creation in Chapter 11 among the most comprehensive I have seen.

If you are an experienced online marketer, Holly Mann’s Honest Riches 2 will benefit you too. Honest Riches 2 will have some new techniques you may have never thought off.

Honest Riches 2 is not perfect though, for example the step by step guide in creating your own eBook in chapter 11 seems to have left out the final step on how to sell it. But Holly Mann may have a reason to leave it out, to avoid diverting the book’s focus on affiliate marketing. I do not know, and it’s just my personal opinion.

Holly Mann provides support and assistance through her forums, posting there regularly. Unlike hectic and fast moving forums like, her forum moves at a manageable pace.

It is also well populated with individuals who are successful in Internet Marketing, before or after they brought Honest Riches. They participate regularly in discussions and responds to anyone seeking for advice.

An ideal place for anyone to seek help from, and discuss SEO techniques.

Lastly, I especially applaud Holly Mann’s decision to allow previous customers download updates of her ebook for free.

I purchased Honest Riches back in December ’06. When Honest Riches 2 was released in Feb ’07, I received an email from Holly Mann requesting for the Paypal receipt of my previous purchase, so I can download the new edition of Honest Riches for FREE, even though the price was increased from $27 to $37 and the content increased from 50 to 95 pages.

Holly Mann’s Honest Riches 2 is an EXECELLENT ebook on affiliate marketing for both beginners and experienced marketers, especially the former. The information in the ebook will definitely help anyone in Internet Marketing.

At $37, it’s much cheaper than most eBooks and those thousand dollar Internet Marketing courses/seminars. Along the support she provides at her forums, and most importantly allowing previous customers to upgrade for free, Honest Riches 2 is definitely one of the best and value for money affiliate marketing ebook out there.

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