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Most … know that to get paid by the sites you … you need to find a way to get traffic to your site. This is because a small … of people that visit your site will look at you

Most webmasters know that to get paid by the sites you advertise, you need to find a way to get traffic to your site. This is because a small percentage of people that visit your site will look at your ads, and an even smaller percentage will actually make a purchase. This process takes alot of time and money.
Most affiliate programs have several forms of advertisement including banners, text links and free content. There is one in particular that is often overlooked. Many companies pay alot more for a webmaster referal than an actual sale. If not a straight forward sum of money, they usually give you a percentage of the refered webmaster’s sales. These seem to be the greatest payoffs because getting another webmaster to advertise for a company that you yourself are advertising is very rare. This is because the type of traffic you are targeting does not include experienced webmasters. You would have to have a website targeted toward this target category.
So how does one get webmaster traffic to their webmaster ads? Well, why not create them?
Experienced webmasters usually pick a niche and stick with it, basing their sites around certain targets. This makes it even more difficult to refer webmasters to a very specific advertising category. The most ideal traffic would be people who want to make money advertising who haven’t chosen a niche in internet marketing. So how does one attract fresh meat? Easy. Offer something for free. Now what can you offer for free in exchange for deciding to be a webmaster and advertise with your companies? Something that they don’t yet have and will most definitly need: a website.
This sounds like alot of trouble to go through, considering the time you’ve put into developing your own site, and the cost of registering a domain name. But think about it. If you can guarantee a refered webmaster in exchange for registering their domain, you’ll be making a huge profit. I register my domains with a registrar that charges $6.95 a month. If you only register their domain for the first month, thats not alot out of your pocket, considering that some affiliate programs I advertise for pay as much as $100 per webmaster referal! That’s a profit of $93 for a single referal. Now for the site design. All you would have to do would be to create a one page website centered around the product or service you promote. This way, you can attract the costomer by not only a very cheap, completely set up site and domain name, but also making money in the process. Most companies provide lots of free selling tools, content, and information. Your costomer would have to sign up for the affiliate programs through your code so you can make your money, and they can make theirs. You would not have to download any materials again after this, because you can use the exact same code for the exact same site over and over again.
So basically, you are offering a complete one page web site which requires that they sign up as a webmaster through your codes, which anyone would be willing to do for cheap webpage and the chance to make money. Therefore, you can charge as little as one cent for copying and pasting html code into the free page of the domain’s registrar, and make all your money from the companies you promote. You could even give this service away for free and make as much money as you want!
The best part about this system is that anyone can be a potential costomer, because everyone wants something free and easy, no matter what it is. Advertising a free website will make almost everyone who visits your page will make you a large sum of money. Even though this works with any company, I find it is easier to offer adult websites because the payout is usually higher for a webmaster referal. They also offer alot of free content which can be used as the content of the entire site. Using this method, I am finally making all the revenue that these companies promised me.

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