College Student Job options

    If you are a college student looking for a job.  Here are some options you might want to look into.


    If you are a college student, congratulations on having the effort and devotion to better your education.  It will be worth it so, keep up the hard work.  As hard as you are working at your studies, you still need a job to have some fun and pay your tuition.  What kind of job options do you  have?


    Well I have to say, your best bet for a good paying part time job, would be a bar tender.  This would be perfect because it is normally part time and the tips are great, depending on the bar.  I know someone who worked a six hour shift and walked out with a hundred and fifty dollars in tips alone.  That is pretty sweet.  You do have to  pay three hundred dollars for the course and  they do help you find a job.  The bad thing is the hours.  Most bars are open until 2:00 a.m. depending on where you live so, you might have to think weekends.  At least you could be in a party environment.


    Being a waitress or waiter is always a good idea, part time and flexible schedule.  Tips are not as good as a bar.  You could always try a temp service.  I know that they are quit friendly with trying to find college students a part time job.  Most of the people going to the temp service are usually looking for full time,

    So, you might get in fast on a part time job.  Another great job option would be a coffee shop, part time, easy money and a very nice environment.  A good place to meet people.


    Your job options are not that great.  I would definitely look into being a bar tender.  Being a college student you do have an advantage of finding work right away.  Just the fact that you are going to college is a big responsibility.  Most jobs will lower the bar as far as your experience and commitment for long term employment goes so, I guess you just have to get out there and try.


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