Clickbank Adds Analytics so you can Track Sales, Leads and More

Clickbank Sales Tracking and Analytics has changed the game in a positive way for Clickbank Product Owners and Affiliates. Learn about all the new features they have added in 2009.

Clickbank has done more in 2009 to make things easier for product sellers and affiliates like than in any year before this. We’ve personally made almost $300,000 in clickbank, and they have paid quite a few people a lot more than they are paying us. We continue to make great sales with clickbank each month and they continue to rise.

There are some important changes to the Clickbank Landscape that you need to be aware of that will affect you as a product merchant or an affiliate. Of course all of these changes are positive and will only make your life easier. It’s obvious they are keeping up with the times and are serious about link security as well as helping people make sales.

Once you log into your clickbank account, you will see your Weekly Sales Snapshot. Click any of these links. You’ll notice on the right you’ll see a Icon that says Analytics New. Then click on that. Before I go on let me say that a hop is someone who clicks on your Clickbank Hoplink. You will now be able to get graphical views of your Hops, Order Form Impressions, Order Form Submits, Gross Sales, Net Sales, Refunds and Chargebacks.

You will also be able to check on the Number of Hops, Hops Per Order and Hops Per Order Form Impressions. Also Clickbank is adding a Vendor Spotlight Profile section soon. This means that merchants selling products on Clickbank will be able to setup their own profile for other merchants and affiliates to see. This can bring you lots of free business if you are a product seller.

Now if this wasn’t good enough, you can even post one announcement every week on your Vendor Spotlight Profile. Merchants and Affiliates can come by and read this anytime and this can get you great extra business if you decide to take advantage of this feature.

Two other upgrades worth mentioning are that you can promote products now in 3 other countries besides the United States. These countries now include Spanish, French and German. You can search for these programs within the Clickbank Marketplace. Also back in April 2009 they added the Encrypted Hoplink feature.

In a nutshell how this works is you visit the Clickbank Marketplace and search for a product you are interested in promoting. You enter your ID, which you can get for free if you don’t have one by clicking the Sign Up link at the top of their page. Once you find the product you are interested in promoting, you enter your ID and an Encryped Hoplink is automatically generated for you.

The old Clickbank Hoplinks still work but you can only generate encrypted links from their marketplace of products from April 2009 forward. The back office for Product Sellers and Affiliates look exactly the same in case you weren’t aware of this. Plus if you go look in your Affiliate Back Office you’ll notice the entire user interface has been changed for the better.

I personally like the look and feel of it more than the old one and it gives you more options than I mentioned in this article but I just wanted to highlight the major changes. I don’t know about you but I’m really pumped up about all these new changes. They will make are life a whole lot easier as a Clickbank Product Seller or Affiliate.

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