Characteristics of a Successful Affiliate Website

There is much involved in getting the informational, marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) components of an affiliate website right. This article reviews how to achieve that.

A successful affiliate website often displays the following characterisitics:

  • It is concise, easy to navigate and attractive

  • It provides useful information and is not ‘heavy sell’

  • Choice is not excessive

  • The website’s name reflects the website’s business, often includes vital keyword(s) and seems familiar or likely to be useful

  • Keywords density in the text is 3-5% of the total

  • Title and keywords for each page vary, consistent with content

  • There are well over 30 pages with consistency of graphics between pages

  • Content is constantly updated and refreshed, often with inclusion of a news blog

  • Page names and folders often include keywords

  • It has numerous inbound links, also known as backlinks pointing to it

It does not have:

  • Irrelevant content or links – ‘links’ pages are best avoided nowadays

  • Excessive duplication of content or numerous gateway pages (Pages which are very similar but with different groups of keywords)

  • Excessively large files that can be slow to load and slow down navigation

  • Pop ups, rapidly flashing banners or other intrusive advertising

  • Content that could alienate certain groups, eg women.

Some other useful features which may be included:

  • The opportunity to sign up for a newsletter (presents ongoing marketing opportunities for the affiliate)

  • A forum (good for search engine ‘visibility’ as it is constantly refreshing content; leads to repeat visitors; raises the profile of your site)

  • Unique incentives, for example, cashback arrangements (which require the agreement of merchants)

The above features are easy to list but require a lot of effort and skill to get just right. Many affiliates underestimate the knowledge base they require to address these vital areas effectively.

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