Can I make Money online if so how

    If you want to make money online it can be very easy.  Once you learn the process and get things going.  You can start making a steady income in a couple weeks.  You do have to work.  There is no such thing as getting rich quick.

    If you are here, you must be thinking about making money online.  Can anyone do it?  Well, that is entirely up to you.  As far as age goes, I would say 16.  As long as you can read, write and have basic computer skills or, at least compatible with learning them.  You definitely could make money online.


    In most cases it cost money to get started.  Just so you know there is no such thing as getting rich quick.  Unfortunately there are people making money online off some pretty scrappy products.  People like your self are getting ripped off.  It is usually not the program it self but, the way it is advertised.  They make it seem so easy and so profitable.  


    What they don’t tell you is that you have to do a lot of work and spend a lot of money just to get started.  When someone is desperate enough to buy a product that claims you will make 5,000 dollars a week.  They are probably broke and desperate for money.  These are the people they target, the ones who will never get to even try the program because, they do not have the extra money to spend.  That is a scam my friend.


    In a positive note there are good ways to make money online.  You just need to know what you are doing.

    Most of the sites you go to in general are done buy people working from home.  Usually when you are looking for something online you end up to a site that leads you to a link, that site was done buy an affiliate.  Can anyone do this?  Yes they can.


    An affiliate is between the bank and the seller.  The affiliate promotes the product for the seller.  If the buyer goes through your site to make a purchase from the seller.  You get a commission portion of the sale.  The bank sends you a check.  The bank is there to protect the affiliates from getting ripped off.  It is pretty much as easy as 1, 2, 3.  The catch is you have to do some work and put some thought into it.

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