Can I make Money off the Internet if so how

    If you have been thinking about making money off the Internet, it is possible.  As long as you have the right guide and put in a little bit of effort.  you can be a highly successful affiliate.

    You are obviously thinking about working at home.  Can you make money of the Internet?  If so, how?

    First of all, you need to be careful what you get into.  If you want to make money off the internet, in most cases you would be an affiliate.


    If you want to make money off the internet, being an affiliate is the best way to go.  The first thing you will need is a guide on how to do it.  Before you start looking around, you have to be careful.  Lots of courses teach you different strategies, some are harder than others, some require extra money along the way.

    If your budget is tight then you will want to stay away from that.  


    Being an affiliate means you try to get the buyer to go to a sales page to make a purchase.  If someone goes through your page and makes a purchase form the seller, you get a commission.  You normally get 75% of what ever you are selling.


    The vendor gives you a bigger chunk off the money because, it would cost them a lot more to advertise them selves.  It cost them nothing to promote their product, it cost you nothing to promote it.  It is all about making a sale.  There is away to do this with no website and not having to pay Google to make sure your page shows up.  People make a huge living making money off the internet.  Some affiliates make close to a million dollars a year.  It may take some time to make that much.


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