Bum Marketing Methods – How and Where to Start as a Newbie

If you wish to start as an affiliate online and are finding it hard to get hold of relavent information then this article will help point you in the right direction.

If your new to Affiliate
Marketing as everybody is at one point, and your not exactly flush on
the money front, if you were you probably wouldn’t be looking at a
Bum Marketing article. You are no doubt wondering if Bum Marketing
Methods work. Well yes they can.

I know when I started I
spent weeks trawling through the internet, downloading material, PDF
files, searching forums and article directories. Some of that
information was good and really helpful, some not so good and to be
honest some was darn right ridiculous.

It’s hard to know were to
go for information in the early days of your marketing career.
Everywhere you go takes you off in a different direction and after a
while you start to lose focus.

Personally speaking I
think the best thing you can do is direct all your attention into one
aspect at a time. You don’t want to become a jack of all trades and
master of none.

Since we are in the middle
of an article about Bum Marketing Methods, my advice would be to
focus on that first. Why? because the main benefit of this type of
marketing is it can be done for free.

Bum Marketing entails
writing good content articles. If you don’t know how to do this I’m
afraid you will have to learn. Posting those articles to directories
just like this one. And writing a good resource box with a link to a
blog or lens where you can give some more information on your
affiliate product and link to it. That’s the bare bones of the system
of course there is a lot of different aspects to learn within it and
I will do my best to post some more articles to explain them.

Keep an eye on my posts.

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