Blogging Tip: Focus on Doing One Thing Well

I’ve often said that it’s a good idea to write a variety of content on your blog. For instance, it’s great to have videos, podcast episodes, how-to articles, interviews, and many other types of content on your blog.

But especially if you’re a newer blogger, it’s a good idea to focus at first on doing one thing well.

It’s best to start off with content that you’re the most comfortable producing. For example, if you’re comfortable speaking, and comfortable recording audio, you may want to start a podcast, and simply record your audio, and have the audios transcribed and put the recording, along with the transcript on your blog.

A similar approach can be done with videos, as you can shoot one video after another, and have those videos transcribed, and create a video blog.

Or if you’re like me, and writing is what you’re best at, you can simply start with written articles and not worry at first about creating a lot of different types of content for your blog.

In addition to choosing a particular type of content to start with, you may want to start off by using just one format for your articles. For example, start off by making all of your blog posts list posts, where you simply share things such as, “10 Tips for… ” or “7 Ways to do XYZ.”

If you do nothing but written blog posts that are list articles, before long, that will get boring, probably for both you and your readers, but the advantage to starting off that way is that you get into a good routine, and get really fast at creating that type of content.

Once you get to where that one type of content is second nature, you can then branch out to other types of content. But at first, if you focus on creating only one type of content well, you’ll find that blogging will be less overwhelming for you.

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