Blogging For Cash: How to Make Money On The Internet

If you are like most people who are online nowadays chances are you have your own website. Did you know that you can actually make money with your website or blog? There are several different ways to begin to generate a positive cash flow and it’s easier than you may think!

Promoting Goods or Services

There are literally thousands of products and services available online and some perhaps you have had experience with. They range everywhere from household goods to construction contractors and the great thing is the vast majority of these companies offer affiliate sales. It’s quite simple, you find a product or service you like and you become an affiliate of that company, they provide you some promotional material (usually images and textual information) and a affiliate-specific link. By creating content on your website and using the promotional material and your specific affiliate link, any sale that is generated will provide you with a percentage of the sale!

Offering Paid Testimonials and Reviews

Many companies are looking for websites to host independent reviews of their goods and services. These companies are willing to provide a small stipend to facilitate these reviews and this is a good source of extra money. A great way to find a company to offer a review for is by starting your search locally. Go to nearby businesses and let them know you want to provide a review for them on your website. Most would be happy to offer some sort of compensation.

Whichever route you decide to go remember that the majority of your visitors will be finding your website though a search engine. Most search engines (such as Google) require you link to a disclaimer stating that you receive compensation for your reviews. It is important to offer full disclosure or you could potentially be penalized.

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