Birthday Party For The Production Of Lasting Memories

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I remember the first days after the birth of my son. Still groggy from the medicine, I am, I was vaguely aware of these stories happens next to my bed as the nurses performed the test for use after the birth of my newborn. I remember holding her little body for the first time, lest I hurt him. And I remember how everything seemed peaceful; quiet how he was and how my husband and I seemed to have already established a relationship with him.

And then we went to the hospital.

What followed was the most tiring, frustrating, exciting, fun and stressful years of my life.

On Saturday a small group of relatives and friends gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of my son. Although the party, like all birthdays, it was a rite of passage for my son, he was also a sign of growing my husband and I have done as parents.

I’ve always said that I did not throw my kids birthday party before we take 3

My husband and I have often joked that when that day, we just replace the plugs numbered on the top of the cake for the photos, it looks as if we had three different sections instead of one. But like most things I’ve experienced throughout this year, when it comes to newborns, there is almost always a curve thrown his way. My curve was when we attended the first birthday party of the twins of our friends.

“It’s necessary to have a party,” he told his parents. And even if we all agree that the party was more than the child, they insist, at least I wish we had recorded.

A month before the festival was stressful. I insisted on food: There should be a salad or pasta salad “

I stressed in the activities: What kind of games makes 1 year old playing “And I said we should buy more gifts: It would be absurd to give a gift card” can CFIA E + wrap your gift! Christmas paper scraps “

Day was a great party activity. Already the first guest arrived I had to accomplish things.

When the game is in progress, i.e. birthday boy had finished a nap, all the irrational fears that I had disappeared. I watched as he played with his new toys and interact with other children – something I rarely get to see.

I laughed when he ate his birthday cake, smearing blue enamel in her hair, despite the mess; I knew I had to clean later.

And most importantly, I celebrated with friends and family the blessing we received a year ago.

It is difficult to believe that smiling, screaming, eating cake-boy Saturday is the same small, quiet beam we have the hospital last year. And as we begin the second year is a bit sad to let go of the child and move to the toddler. But I feel better knowing that our friends were right to insist we are a party.

Because years from now – when our son no longer needs us to help him go because he no longer believes that everything we do is fun – I can get back on photos of his face smeared with cake and remember when mom and dad was his whole world.

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