Beginners Guide to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to learn how to make money online?  This article will teach you some of the
techniques for making money through affiliate marketing programs.


If you’re new to affiliate marketing, one of the easiest places to not only learn about affiliate marketing from some of the great products but also how to get started promoting products is Clickbank. This is a marketplace of electronic products that you can start promoting any number of different products from dozens of different categories. It’s good because they have a relatively high payout per sale. Unlike some affiliates that pay a small percentage of a retail product, you’ll typically be making about $20 – $60 per sale which allows you to get less sales to achieve your financial goals.

Many businesses don’t want to manage their own affiliate programs so they sign up with companies that manage their affiliate program for them. These are affiliate networks that manage the relationships between the businesses and the affiliates. This means that as an affiliate, you can get access to several businesses through one affiliate network. Depending on the network, you may still have to apply to be accepted by each business individually.

CPA Networks are another type of network you can use to generate revenue. These can be easier to get a conversion because you’re not asking someone to buy something, instead, you’re asking someone to take some action, like fill out a form or complete a survey. Companies will pay you for this information or the work to get the leads.

There are a number of ways to freely promote affiliate products. One way that you can find that is usually free is through online classified ads. Craigslist is the largest of these, but several other free online classified sites can generate a significant amount of traffic. The important part of doing anything related to online classifieds is to track your results. You should have a unique tracking ID attached to each affiliate link. If not, you’ll get hits to your site without knowing what is generating the traffic and resulting sales.

If you’re good at writing or can find a writer to assist you, article marketing may be an excellent way to go. Articles have the capacity to drive some great traffic to your website or affiliate landing page. In my experience, articles tend to produce about a 7% click through rate, or the rate at which people will click on the link in your resource box is about 7%. Some articles will do better than others which isn’t unexpected. If you submit to article directories with a good ranking and good “authority”, you’ll have the chance to have those articles rank well in the search engines.

Social networking is very popular and often times a relationship through some of these social media sites can generate some good sales. People will buy things based on the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance. If you’re participating in social networks where the interactions and relationships are based on a specific topic, find a product that you can promote that adds value to people within that category. If you’re part of a network where the members of that network are all dog owners, promote a dog training video series or ebook about dog training.

Blogging is a good way to promote affiliate products. This strategy does require that you develop traffic to your blog. Unlike article marketing and social media sites that generate a good amount of traffic for you, a blog will require that you do the work to get traffic to that site. You’re in luck, however, because search engines tend to like blogs for the most part because they represent updated, fresh content. You can use free websites like to host your blog or a self-hosted blogging solution using some software, such as wordpress.

You can develop a more traditional website which would be similar to wordpress on a self hosted site. In fact, there would be no difference for the most part assuming you’re using a program like wordpress to manage your content. The SEO tools and plugins that come with wordpress on a self-hosted blog scenario are very good. The idea here is to generate the kind of content that attracts people and keeps people on the site. Some ideas for how to generate this type of content can be found on and which are two excellent resource for how to make money using a blog.

Once you have a site or decide to start promoting products, you should consider pay per click. This is one of the most solid and guaranteed ways to get traffic to your site. The only down side to this is that it costs money for each visitor. This is where the tracking of what keywords you’re bidding on and which keywords or which ads are producing results really pays off. If you track which ads are converting, you’ll be able to do more of the same and you can also eliminate advertising expenses for ads that aren’t converting. Consider tracking a foundation for success when it comes to pay per click.

This article is meant to simply introduce you to some of the ways to promote affiliate products and services. If you’re serious about pursuing any of these methods, use the internet to find great content. Spend some time on some affiliate marketing forums and ask around what other people are doing and how they’re successful. Remember, though, nothing can replace actually getting out there and trying these things for yourself. There’s only so much you’ll be able to do without trying this first hand. Good luck with your efforts.

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