Avoid The Trap of Rampant online Home Based Business Failures

Home Based Business … are … record breaking failures on the … as the lay person turn towards business ventures for another source of income. The low capital outlay, and

Home Based Business Opportunities are experiencing record breaking failures on the internet, as the lay person turn towards business ventures for another source of income.

The low capital outlay, and the low startup costs make it easy for The Home Based Business Entrepeneurs to start up an online business. But the road is littered with their Failures. It can be avoided.

Don’t let the little things rob you of the Great Opportunities in Life. Time is the only common denominator between the rich, the middle-class and the poor. In other words, the only thing the rich and the poor share is that they both have 24 hours a day.

It’s how we make use of our time that will determine how far we go towards achieving our Financial Dreams.
If you are draining away your financial resources and keep falling into the trap of working too many projects at the same time, the chances are you will simply spend your way (like me) both in time and money into bankruptcy. There are many more affiliates promoting Get Very Rich Very Quickly Packages than there are people getting rich.

Most Newbies get discouraged very quickly with their current business venture and drop it because they could not achieve quick get rich very quick results. They give themselves a set time limit for their Great Business to work, and then quit to get into the next Great business venture. This is the Great Beginnings Loop, a common Home Business Strategy for most online newbies.

Actually this is a Powerful Strategy for Total Home Business Failure. It can be worse, if you keep on doing this, in a short time you will actually develop the habit of jumping from one business opportunity to the other without ever achieving Financial Success. This is the infamous Continuous Loop of Pure Activity (makes you feel like you’re doing something) and predictable Failure.

It is as addictive as gambling, the endorphin rush after joining, the depressing low after you lost all hope, then on to the next high, a series of continuous loop and mindless activity, enacting a self fulfilling prophecy. It filters through to other areas of your life, with very destructive and damaging results.

I was the Foremost Expert of this Failure to Next Opportunity Loop for years. I have trophies of past failures to show off. I can be working on 30 Different Opportunities, my computer crammed with e-books and strategies, and going through my retirement money very quickly. Simply put, I went broke.
Only then did I take stock of my Get Broke Quick overload addiction, and finally stumbled my way out of bankruptcy.

On the week of my BIG DISCHARGE, money started to slam into my bank account in massive unstoppable waves. This is the only business I have, yet I am no longer a pioneer of failed opportunities. This may not work for you, but it is my salvation. This is how I narrowly escaped bankruptcy, and have lots left over for myself.

This fully configured turnkey website is not fancy, http://homeincomeportal.com/random/
Yet, it is my full time business and all time salvation. Everything you need is right there for you to decide. Now, there’s always a Traffic Jam on my website. I discovered the secret to all Financial Success in any online business adventure. It is a simple one. Work on one business, particularly if you only do your online business adventure on a part-time basis.

Don’t get distracted. Don’t dilute your precious time. Work on your project, whatever it may be, until completion. Learn the program; review all instructions over and over again, until you really know how it works.

All Business is difficult to understand, especially if you spent your whole life working on a job, but take your time to understand it.

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