Article Marketing-How To Increase Your Output in Minimum Time

As an Internet marketer engaged in article marketing one of the biggest problems is the time-consuming nature of producing regular unique content. In this article I look at what the solutions to this problem which will increase your output and dramatically cut your time and free you up to promote your websites.

Everybody engaged in online marketing understands the benefits and advantages of article marketing. However it is also time consuming to produce lots of content on a regular basis, particularly if you are a slow typist.

A solution to this problem that I have found recently in which has dramatically increased output and allowed me to produce articles in 25% of the time is the use of voice recognition software. I am currently using voice recognition software aka transcription software to write this article.

I’m using a software program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking which allows me to produce four articles where before I might only produce one. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a very popular voice recognition software which you can pick up on the Internet for around $40. There are many versions of it from standard to legal to medical but for my purposes the standard version is perfectly adequate.

When you first begin using it there is a small learning curve involved. However soon, when you get over the embarrassment of speaking to your computer used to recognise the huge benefits to be derived from voice recognition software.

When you first start of the programme you create a profile for yourself and you do some basic training. It is this basic training which involves some reading of some text which allows a program store in its files the way that you speak and this allows the software to become increasingly more accurate and for you to become increasingly more productive.

When you consider the amount of time that you spend writing articles or indeed paying somebody else to write articles for you the small price that you pay for the program will pay itself back in a very short space of time. For example, if you outsource eight articles it would set you back at least $40.

I’m looking forward to future benefits of using my voice recognition software to continue to grow my business through effective article marketing. Outsourcing articles can be a costly business and sometimes the quality is very inconsistent and sometimes it is downright appalling. Now I’m confident that each article reported that I make will be what I wanted to say will reflect my personality and knowledge.

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