Alluring Paths To Internet Marketing Success?

There are hundreds, no thousands, of
ways to make money online. Do you have the basic knowledge to know
the difference between those who just want your money and those who
really want to help?

Your success in internet or affiliate
marketing depends on many things, not the least of which is your
education and experience. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of
“shiny things” out there in internet-land that will tempt you and
try to coerce you into buying into the dream of making fast money

Shiny things like:

“Make $10,000. in your first month!”

“Become a Millionaire By Using My
Unbeatable Program!” ($297/month)

“Learn Affiliate Secrets That Will
Explode Your Income with NO WORK!” ($1450)

“Use my Proven Strategy to Trick
Google” ($144)

“Just Follow These Three Easy Steps
and You’ll Be A Millionaire Like Me!” ($97)

Folks – it DOESN’T work!!
Affiliate marketing isn’t a fairy tale where all your dreams will
come true with one click of a button. There is no “easy path to
success” in affiliate marketing.

Now, with that said and out of the way,
let me say You CAN and WILL make money (lots of money), if you
crawl before you walk.
You’ll understand what you are doing and
once you have even a little success you’ll know how to repear that
success and do it again, and again and again – until you ARE making
that big money you dream about!

If you attempt the “shiny things”
mentioned above, it might work – unlikely, but it might. Is there a
guarantee that it will work? No – you might be able
to get your money back on a return of some of those shiny things, but
then you’ll be several months down the road and still have no
knowledge of what you really need to do to make money online. It’s
that simple. IF you have the knowledge FIRST, then you can try all
the shiny things you want! With a solid foundation in the basics of
internet marketing, you’ll know which of those shiny things are for
real and which ones are a pipe dream and will only snatch more money
out of your pocket.

One Week Marketing with Pot Pie Girl
will give you the foundation you need in order to suceed. You won’t
learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing in one
week. Can’t be done! What you WILL learn, however, is a proven method
that will get you going and started on your business. Other than the
cost of the course ($47 as of this writing), you will have NO other

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Necessary Steps to Starting a Successful Online
    with no money to invest

  • One of the most closely-guarded secrets for gathering
    dynamite niche market intelligence

  • A virtually fool-proof method to Get Your Content Indexed
    , often within just hours.

  • What to do when your content disappears from Google . . .
    Been a victim of the “Google Sandbox?” Discover how to
    get your content back in the Index
    and back to making money for

  • The must-have tools to augment your
    online success
    – Because there’s simply no reason to spend
    countless hours slaving over your content. Use these online
    tools to boost your productivity while slashing the time you
    spend working
    . . .

Now, it’s not just that you will learn these techniques – you’ll
DO THEM so that by the end of your week, you’ll have an extremely
solid foundation
of what affiliate marketing is all about and how
to succeed in it.

Yes, it’s that simple. But don’t believe everything I tell you.
See and read for yourself…

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