Affiliate X Reviewed Secrets of Chris X’ affiliate training platform Revealed

The components of Chris X’ Affiliate X, affiliate marketing training and website creation product, are unveiled in Kenneth Ford, of EliKen Marketing, discription.

Finally a beginning level affiliate marketer can buy an integrated package at a reasonable price, that will help create revenue worth more than the investment, without discovering that once again they are missing pieces of the puzzle. Chris provides an integrated marketing campaign which includes all the marketing components necessary, product, price promotion and place in one location, Affiliate X.

The Affiliate X package is comprised of a professionally created website, and 3 profit methods, or Systems for Profit, from Social networking, Ad Words and Search Engine optimization. The goal is to acheive first page rank on Google, using the most important weapons currently available in the internet marketers arsenal.

I bought the product, and explored each module, including the software, applying all 3 systems which I will review for you.

Once you purchase the basic program, the member area allows you to access to Affiliate X and the Upgraded Pro version, which provides additional information that can aid the beginner immensely. Affiliate X was created by Chris X, the multi million dollar affiliate marketer. The member’s area has two primary product seclection tabs, the Clickbank 100, and the Niches area. These areas provide specific affiliate systems and Clickbank Niches, respectively, from which the user may find opportunities to target. Additionally the member’s area has a video tab, a blog tab )for Chris’ additional information) a website tab, where for an additional charge Chris, et al will build and maintain your site , and a video tab, which provides instructional and product prediction videos. Finally, there are 3 instructional videos with pdf guides and attached software systems under the Make Money tab, that I will describe below.

Each of the 3 systems under the Make Money tab provides instruction designed to help you drive visitors to your blog, or affiliate site. THe first “system: and software package, is built around Ad Words or paid traffic, the second to twitter, and the final profit “system” is built around SEO. A great deal of attention is paid to controlling cost, the social networking and search engine optimization sections are designed to bring “free” traffic, while the adwords module includes a software program that preselects cost effective, high conversion keywords, while locating specific search engines where the pricing is lowest. Each of the systems provides a simple method of creating an effective campaign utilizing that tactic, coupled with the software inherent to the system.

The fact that all of the necessary components of internet marketing, website building, product identification, and the mechanics of traffic methodology are availible in one place. There exists manual methodology for manipulation of each of these systems, the Google Keyword tool for adword selection, clickbank and other networks for product selection, SEO via traditional methods and Social networking one click at a time, with the Affiliate X member’s area, all of the tools are in one spot, and contain added software driven features, your work day begins and ends with a visit to Affiliate X. I have spent untold dollars on other “programs” and “turnkey systems” with only the disappointment from the realization that a key element was missing, with no method of understanding for a beginner to ascertain.

What problems exist with the product? There aren’t many, but an experienced marketer might find issue with the recurring membership dues, however, if you use the system as it is intended, this is not in fact an issue. The novice marketer may feel some pressure, as costs are incurred in layers, add ons provide useful information and pieces to the puzzle, yet the overall costs including upgrades are less than $160, far less than traditional mentor guided programs. If you purchase personal coaching, the cost of Affiliate X is a fraction of other programs.

In conclusion, Affiliate X is one of the most comprehensive and responsive systems available to the beginning marketer today. {It is simple, yet powerful, any newbie can use the system to make money quickly. I set up 4 new programs in the first two weeks of using it, with results that would make any beginner happy. So if you are still looking for that missing piece of the internet marketing puzzlue, then you owe yourself the experience.

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