Affiliate Trianing and Network Marketing – Get That Sale

By the end of this article you will have an understanding of how to put together a strategy to target you particular niche. It may sound like a lot of work but I can tell you in the long run it will pay out over and over again.

You have found a great network marketing company and avoided all the affiliate marketing scams going so you just need to build your business and become successful. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Well this is where the real hard work starts and one of the area’s most people run a mile from is connecting with new people. I know that we have all been there in the past and some of us are there right now but it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of build a business online.

Now I’m not talking about just adding friends on social media but actually talking to people on the phone or on Skype.

Most people really don’t know what to say to a prospect or how to keep a conversation flowing to build a relationship. Some try to use a script, I know I did and I hated it as it never worked and you can always tell if somebody is reading from a script.

In this article I am going to give you a great tip that will help you with your affiliate training and your network marketing business. You must use the following in order or this will not work and you will get mixed up. This is just one part of affiliate training but it is the part that puts money in your pocket.

I am going to teach you about something called F.O.R.M, and it will make your live so much easier when talking to people. F.O.R.M stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message. This is not taught in affiliate training and it certainly is not taught with any affiliate marketing scams.

    1) Family – Always start off by talking about their family, their spouse and their children. Take an interest in who they are as a person and their personal life. You will find that most people can’t wait to talk about their families and you may have trouble moving onto the second part.

    2) Occupation – Find out what they do for a living, what their spouse dose for a living. Do they enjoy it, what do they like and what don’t they like. Really listen to what they are saying as you will get a good understanding of their problem.

    3) Recreation – ask what they like to do on their own and as a family, these types of questions will really give you a massive insight to what could be lacking in their lives at this time. Nobody likes to work, but everybody likes to play.

    4) Message – This should be the message of how you or your product can help them solve a problem. You will know what the problem is if you follow the first three steps in order so therefore you will have an understanding of what to offer them and a solution.

As you can see by following the four steps above you will be able to let a conversation flow naturally which is something you can do with a script. Also notice that the emphasis is on the prospect and not you. They are the ones doing the talking, and talking themselves into buying your product.

If you are using an affiliate program to generate leads and eventually bring people into your business then this is a great method for getting to know that person.

One of the reasons why so many people fail with this is because they think they are there to sell, when the truth is you are there to provide a possible solution to a problem. Your only task is to gather information and present the facts.

This is just one part of affiliate training but it is the part that puts money in your pocket so it is therefore the most important part of your business to learn.

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