Affiliate Marketing,Snake Oil and Cons

For anyone thinking about getting in to affiliate marketing now, or for those who are struggling now on the back of outrageous promises I will lay bare how you can be fleeced by unscrupulous operators..

Affiliate marketing has become incredibly popular in the last few years for a number of reasons but the principle ones are
1.    You can start up with virtually no capital
2.    You only need access to a computer and an internet connection
3.    You can work from home
4.    You can set your own work hours and visions of telling the man where to stick his job come flooding into your mind.

The truth of the matter is that you can make money online through affiliate marketing. But you will have to work enormously long hours, commit completely to your new business and maintain incredible discipline to keep plugging away in the early days and months to see any, and I mean any, return.

You will have been seduced by the powerful claims of incredibly effective sales letters promoting various “make money online” programs. But remember this..these sales letters are written by incredibly well paid stars of copywriting who make their living from pushing every psychological, visual and emotional button that you have.

Their one function is to appeal to every weakness that you have in order to persuade you to whip out that credit card and purchase. Next time you read one do yourself a favour and step back and sleep on it.

Then in the naked light of day, make a cold, rational decision that you will not regret.

There is no doubt that many of these sales letters are pieces of fiction, dangerous fiction designed to part you from your money and thread on your dreams. Fake testimonials have been used, false representations of Clickbank/Amazon/Ebay earnings have been produced and outright misrepresentations made as to the success of  the product.

Another trick is the use of the “buy now before midnight” ploy. How can anybody describe a product that is electronically stored on a computer be in limited supply? Buy now while stocks last? This is pure rubbish and is a psychological ploy to get you to make your decision now..not when you have had time to think.

There are ethical and integrity filled affiliate marketers, but your’s will be a difficult task separating the wheat from the chaff.You will need to hasten slowly and do your research and due diligence to weed out those internet marketers who are genuinly respected and have many happy and satisfied subscribers or customers. A great place to ask around and research anyone in the online world is the Warrior Forum,a forum dedicated to internet marketing and online business.

To succeed you will need to do this research first and find the small number of teachers who are ethical and have been in the business for a good period of time and who genuinely care about their subscribers/students.

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